Mekhi Becton on move to right tackle: It’s a work in progress

New York Jets Training Camp

The Jets drafted Mekhi Becton with the 11th overall selection in 2020 to be their franchise left tackle. Now, he’s tasked with being their franchise right tackle.

His absence after only one game last season opened the door for George Fant to win the starting left tackle job.

“It don’t really matter to me,” Becton said, via Brian Costello of The New York Post. “I’ve just got to change my technique up. As long as I’m on the field, it don’t really matter to me. I just know I have to do different things on the right side than I do on the left. I’m still getting used to that. It’s a work in progress.”

Becton gained weight while sidelined last season and then skipped the voluntary offseason program for his first child’s birth. He reported to minicamp overweight, per Costello, but Becton spent the past few weeks working with the team’s medical and training staff.

It is unknown exactly how much weight Becton loss, but he hit his and the team’s goal.

“He got himself into football shape,” coach Robert Saleh said. “He’s a gifted athlete. He’s a gifted man, and I’m just really excited about the direction he’s going.”

Now, Becton will spend the rest of the summer learning to play right tackle, though Saleh made clear that the move “doesn’t mean that Mekhi’s left tackle days are over.”

7 responses to “Mekhi Becton on move to right tackle: It’s a work in progress

  1. You do not draft right tackles at # 11. This is not a good thing for him or the Jets.

  2. It doesn’t matter to him. This is a contrast to Orlando Brown who forced his way out of Baltimore because he wanted to be a left tackle. Of course…left tackles make more money.

  3. I was listening to Bart Scott and he said because of their zone scheme with h the offensive line he is much better suited to the right side because the tight end will be there and on running plays defensive players will not be able to avoid him he words of Bart Scott “can’t wait “

  4. “It don’t really matter to me,” Becton said….. Uhhh. wait until it’s contract time, and see how you feel being on the right side.

  5. He graded out as one of the top young tackles as a rookie. Fant (LT) gave up zero sacks last year and is a veteran player. Becton can move back in a couple of years when Fant is done. Its a good problem to have 2 that play either side.

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