Mike Zimmer “wanted to go” after getting shoved by Kirk Cousins

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer left and  quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) went over a play during Minnesota Vikings training camp at TCO Performance center Saturday July 28, 2018 in Eagan, MN. ]  JERRY HOLT • jerry.holt@startribune.com
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There’s been plenty of talk in recent days about the fact that former Vikings coach Mike Zimmer didn’t like current Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Earlier this week, the play-by-play voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen, offered some insight as to an October incident that resulted in coach and quarterback pushing and shoving each other during a moment of celebration after a come-from-behind (after blowing a late lead) win over the Lions.

“Back to like the middle of the season,” Allen said on his KFAN radio show, via SI.com. Home game and it’s a victory. Yeah, Zim snapped when Cousins pushed him. And looking back at it, the former head coach got that side eye and rage steaming from his nostrils. And he wanted to go. But then he didn’t want to go. Kirk sensed a free shot during the working relationship and he got one in.”

It was more than a push from Cousins. He grabbed the front of Zimmer’s shirt and twisted it. And there clearly was something more than celebration in the exchange.

At the time, both parties tried to downplay it. No one really believed it.

Former Vikings linebacker Ben Leber, who currently works on the team’s radio broadcasts and who previously made some waves by saying Zimmer didn’t like Cousins, believes that things got off the rails last year over Cousins’s refusal to get a COVID vaccination.

“I think it really came to a head during training camp when Kirk and others — and that’s the thing, there were others on the team that decided not to get vaccinated,” Leber said on Colin Cowherd’s podcast, via USA Today. “But it was like Kirk was being singled out. You could see the disdain that Zimmer had towards the situation.”

Zimmer never really masked his disdain toward anyone. For any reason. It sort of worked for him as a head coach, until it didn’t.

That’s the biggest problem with the Parcells-style approach. If it works, you’re a winner. If it doesn’t, well, you’re just another asshole.

33 responses to “Mike Zimmer “wanted to go” after getting shoved by Kirk Cousins

  1. Cousins sure seems to have drama around him a lot. Is he worth the trouble? What is his record vs winning teams again?

  2. It is idiotic to not get the vaccine at this point, but don’t hate people that choose not to.

  3. I don’t think Cousins would’ve wanted that smoke anyway.

    Zimmer might be much older, but he’s also way more battle tested and far tougher than Cousins.

  4. Loved Pat Pete’s reaction to jump in the middle and distract Zimmer. Coach lost the plot the last 2-3 years. D was god-awful.

  5. Let’s not get silly about this. Zimmer might be willing & extremely spirited, but Cousins would mop the floor with Zim.
    Dude is old and hasn’t been getting pounded by defensive tackles. He isn’t Rocky.

  6. The Vikings gave Kirk Cousins all that money and for what nothing, I don’t blame Zimmerman, e knew his job was on the line and when the defense was good Kirk was nowhere to be found. But the Vikings kept pouring millions in the fire called Kirk Cousins and all they got was stats.

  7. If my job hung on the balance of a middle of the pack QB who loses the bulk of his primetime games, I’d probably dislike cousins too.

  8. Not a fan of Cousins, and my money definitely would have been on Zim if something had actually happened. The league will be far better with Cousins out of it.

  9. I appreciate the joke but Zimmer gets Medicare while Cousins is one of the more durable signal callers in league, especially for a guy who takes hits.

    He’s not a championship quarterback (obligatory Foles, Stafford, Dilfer) but the new I’ve seen Adrian Peterson and Antoine Winfield Sr. carry that team so why not him?

  10. That clip still makes me laugh, I don’t mind Cousins but it was a strange way to celebrate

  11. I’m going to miss those classic sideline fisticuffs between Zimmer and Cousins.
    What a pay-per-view that would’ve made.
    But at least we’ve still got those sideline squabbles between Thielen and Cousins…Cook and Cousins…Jefferson and Cousins…..🤣

  12. It wasn’t just the anti-vaxx posture Cousins took that annoyed Zimmer, it was Cousins insisting on always wearing his protective tinfoil hat, which he believed protected him from all sorts of evil thoughts and desires.

  13. I pity the vikings fans, they are stuck with a mediocre qb at best who is getting paid like he is a baller, that’s a terrible position to be in.

  14. schmamps says:
    He’s not a championship quarterback (obligatory Foles, Stafford, Dilfer)…
    Stafford? The Lions were never that good but Stafford has been an elite talent for his entire career. Average to downright awful coaching and GM and played with one too 10 defense in 12 seasons with Detroit. Stafford oozes with the kind of ability that guys like Cousins (Files, Dilfer etc) can only dream about.

  15. There’s little doubt, Zimmer was a bit of cranky old man. That only works in the NFL for a finite amount of time in the right situation, Zim’s time ran out. It’s interesting to contrast Zimmer and Packers coach LeFleur’s response to the same circumstance. Both coach’s team leading QB’s opt against the vaccine for themself. At least Cousin’s was honest about it, but I still think it’s a terrible choice…most especially if you’re the starting QB….just a terrible message. Anyway, Zim pretty much publicly threw Cousins under the bus, while LeFleur actually downplayed and covered for his boy, even when he lied and mislead the media/public about it. Ironically, I think Zim took the more honesty rightous position, yet LeFleur is probably viewed better by his players.

  16. Yes Zim a tough guy – but his “reach” would have been shortened by that gut he developed in the last few years. Stress maybe?

  17. No way Zimmer could take Cousins. Dudes almost 70. Kirk is 34… and a pro athlete

  18. correctingerrors says:
    July 27, 2022 at 8:17 pm
    It is idiotic to not get the vaccine at this point, but don’t hate people that choose not to.
    I will loudly criticize athletes and coaches important positions who promote ignorance and stupidity instead of science and health care. That includes my team’s QB.

  19. To say the least I’m no great fan of the too-quirky Cousins, but I hope some of these posters were being facetious or just going with their personal preference when they deem Zimmer as the likely victor over Cousins in some kind of fight. While a tough old nut many men half his age would indeed do well not to challenge, the idea Zimmer would win such a battle is clearly absurd. Kirk Cousins is a much bigger, stronger, faster professional athlete who would very easily destroy the smaller, weaker, slower 66-year-old Zimmer in any kind of brawl between the two.

  20. We felt the same way about Cousins here in Washington first. Not one fan here misses his empty stats and weird attitude. It’s funny to me that Carson Wentz gets this bad rep about the locker room and being difficult to get along with when Cousins has always been that guy since day one! No one shed a tear when he left here, not fans or players.

  21. I don’t get the hate for Cousins he’s a qb1 every year who tosses for over 4k yards and a bankable 30tds. They could done worse and he would absolutely nerf Zimmer who is just a blowhard.

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