Quinnen Williams: Contract isn’t a big thing on my mind right now

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Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams became eligible for a contract extension this offseason, but he isn’t putting it at the top of his list of priorities.

Williams started all 15 games he played for the Jets last season and produced 53 tackles and six sacks in those outings. That comes after a seven-sack season in 2020 and the consistent production has made Williams a key defensive piece for the AFC East club, but it hasn’t made him eager to get a long-term deal done with the team.

“The contract is not really a big thing on my mind right now,” Williams said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “That’s not really a big thing in my family or in my head right now. I definitely feel like it’s going to pan itself out, it’s going to work itself out when it comes down to time to have a new contract or negotiate a new contract.”

Williams had foot surgery last offseason, but he was healthy this spring and said that enabled him to work on his conditioning the last few months. It’s left him feeling like he’s in the best shape of his career and “just maximizes my athletic ability” heading into his fourth season.

Should that result in even bigger production on the field, Williams will be well positioned for a contract push in 2023.

6 responses to “Quinnen Williams: Contract isn’t a big thing on my mind right now

  1. Don’t lie, everyone KNOWS that Williams is lying. Reporters are running interference for Williams.

  2. Props to Quinnen for taking this approach. Focus on helping the team turn it around and let your agent handle the contract talks on the side. The Jets already exercised his 5th year rookie option for next season so most likely an extension would happen during this season or next offseason.

    The Jets have every reason to want to pay Quinnen but he realizes he still has a lot to prove before being deserving of a big money deal.

  3. LOL!

    This guy is mediocre and will be lucky to get a new contract. Do people watch the games? This guy was a top 10 pick.

  4. Good for him and the team. No divas on the Jets. Now go out and improve Quinnen, play your behind off and earn the huge contract.

  5. He started slow but got much better. If his progression continues, he will own the bank.

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