Robert Quinn: I expect to be with Bears

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Bears edge rusher Robert Quinn was the subject of trade rumors this offseason, but he’d prefer to stay where he is.

Quinn spoke to reporters from training camp on Wednesday and said that he has no desire to be dealt to another team. Quinn has been traded twice and said you get “tired of moving,” but acknowledged that a decision is out of his control.

Quinn did say that he expects to be with the Bears for the 2022 season. He is signed for a $12.8 million base salary this year and has two more years on his pact with the NFC North team.

On top of the trade chatter, Quinn’s future with the Bears was left a bit uncertain by his absence from the team’s mandatory minicamp. Quinn said he was comfortable paying the fines for his absence because he was getting himself “right” physically and mentally by working out on his own.

5 responses to “Robert Quinn: I expect to be with Bears

  1. He was very good last year, the Bears certainly could use his same production.

  2. The Bears are in no hurry to trade him. Somebody has to make a good enough offer, or they’ll just keep him.

  3. Trading Quinn would be a mistake, unless the Bears are trying to tank. They’ve no other effective pass-rushers among their front seven. Yes they could get value from him, he collected 18.5 sacks last season, but would the return be worth the loss of fanbase?

  4. They’re going to need him healthy and playing at a high level, especially if they can’t patch things up with Roquan Smith. The best they could probably get for him in trade would be a 2nd rounder plus maybe a 5th or 6th and that doesn’t help the new regime when they need players who can make an impact now.

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