Tua Tagovailoa: To have the support from Tyreek Hill means a lot

Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp
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Over the last couple of months, Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill has become a kind of hype man for his new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

At every turn, Hill has talked up Tagovailoa’s accuracy, most recently calling him “the most accurate quarterback in the NFL” during an appearance on ESPN’s First Take.

Tagovailoa was twice asked about Hill’s comments in his Wednesday press conference at training camp. His first answer was relatively simple.

It’s cool,” Tagovailoa said. “Tyreek is someone that has well established himself in this league and to have the support from him means a lot. I’m glad to have him as my teammate.”

When reporters circled back to Hill later in the session, Tagovailoa said Hill’s comments are just a part of the receiver’s personality.

“Tyreek’s going to speak how he feels at that very moment,” Tagovailoa said. “And he just believes what he says every time. If he feels he’s the best at this, he’s going to let you know. Out there on the field, if he feels someone’s talking too much and he wants to go against them, he’s going to let them know what he’s going to do to them. That’s just his personality. I think it’s fun to have that kind of personality on the team. But for me, again, it’s awesome to have that kind of support from somebody like that.”

This is a critical season for Tagovailoa, as the Dolphins have done plenty over the offseason to put him in a position to be successful — including trading for Hill. But Tagovailoa says he doesn’t feel any undue pressure.

“I would say, I never put pressure on myself, but it comes with the position,” Tagovailoa said. “Pressure’s always there playing this position. And playing in the NFL. I think for any professional athlete, anyone can attest that it’s un-added pressure — we put pressure on ourselves every day to be the best, to do things the right way, and to try to do things the right way consistently.”

Still, whether Tagovailoa can live up to the considerable hype from Hill remains to be seen.

14 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa: To have the support from Tyreek Hill means a lot

  1. Tua has Sunu, Hill, Waddle, Gesicki, Williams, etc… He also has an offensive-minded coach behind him instead off two OCs. I think he is going to blow up this year and silence a lot of critics. I like that he is being humble, quiet and letting his game speak for itself come September.

  2. Wow, Tua gets it more than the media sensationalizing the remarks. Not a Dolphins fan, but I can root for the kid.

  3. Good for Tua. Everyone acted like Tyreek’s comments were so much pressure, oooohhh, I’m scared, Tua is a baller! Wom 7 games in a row, spanking the Ravens along way and closing the season with by crushing the playoff bound Patriots. Much respect, lemme guess, he doesn’t deserve money either.

  4. Tyreek will be the first one crying to the press when no Mahomes and Tua’s 6.0 YPA cause his numbers to tank.

  5. Tyreek will be eating humble pie when Tua flops and the Dolphins finish 7-10. Mahomes made Hill, not the other way around.

  6. Tuna When your looking from support from Hill…….your in big trouble.

  7. I can’t wait for the season to start. Then everyone can stop talking and let their play speak for them.

  8. Mahomes was 4-1 without Hill. Chiefs will be fine. But will Hill be fine when Tua can’t find him and/or can’t hit him. Will Dolphin fans be fine when Hill is top-3 in drops again?

  9. Tyreek has spent the offseason applying an intense amount of pressure on Tua.

  10. Tua will have no problem living up to Tyreek’s hype–so long as he doesn’t have any incomplete passes.

  11. Tyree/Tua pairing has a potential to wreck their season the same way OBJ/Baker pairing destroyed Cleveland. A superstar receiver can be too much for a young QB trying to find his way in the league.

  12. If Hill really cared about his personal stats or winning then her wouldn’t have gone to Miami in the first place!

  13. The theme of the 2022 Dolphins season just like this whole offseason topic about Hill and Tua.

    “They keep forgetting about Waddle”.

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