Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow’s appendectomy went smoothly, he’ll be discharged today


Quarterback Joe Burrow underwent a successful appendectomy on Tuesday, Bengals head coach Zac Taylor told reporters in his Wednesday press conference.

“He was in there yesterday, he’ll be discharged today,” Taylor said. “The timeline is obviously to be determined. But, again, everything went smoothly.”

Whenever Burrow does return to practice, Taylor said the third-year quarterback shouldn’t be too far behind in preparing for the season.

“The good thing is, he’s got two years in it. He knows it,” Taylor said. “It’s very redundant, probably the early portions. We’re starting from Day One putting in the offense. He’s seen it. He’ll still have his iPad, he’ll still follow whenever he’s in meetings, he’s in meetings. We don’t expect him to miss a step, mentally, that way. I’m sure he’d love to have all the physical reps he could possibly get. But he won’t be behind the 8 ball at all based on what’s happened.”

Taylor noted that the team had yet to determine whether or not Burrow was going to play in the preseason. The quarterback did take a few snaps last year despite coming back from reconstructive knee surgery.

As for practice, Taylor said Burrow’s absence will give the team more opportunities to evaluate backups Brandon Allen and Jake Browning. The club also signed quarterback Drew Plitt on Wednesday.

“You’ve got to look at the bright side of things,” Taylor said. “It’s a good chance to really get a chance to see them, evaluate them, let them work with some other guys. And then we go from there. And when Joe comes back, obviously, he jumps into those reps. But those guys have to maximize those opportunities they’re going to get.”

15 responses to “Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow’s appendectomy went smoothly, he’ll be discharged today

  1. It’s an appendectomy people. The dude is fine. This is not a QB that will require a four hour per week study clause we are talking about here.

  2. I wonder if they kick the guy who manages the Microsoft Surface partnership in the D every time a Team talks about iPad’s.

  3. Get well soon Joe. Feels like a lot of pro athletes seem to get appendicitis…

  4. Only an appendectomy huh? Much ofvthe immune system lives in the appendix. Its an incredibly important organ for creation of B and T cells

  5. Bad news for Joe, I had an appendectomy 25 years ago and I haven’t thrown a single touchdown pass since.

  6. Best wishes to a smooth recovery, as I want Burrow fully 100% healthy when he faces a real Raven’s team at full strength this season.

  7. Joe will be healthy Super Bowl Sunday at home watching Josh Allen win one for Buffalo. I’m not a Bill’s fan.

  8. As long as it wasn’t connected to his arm,…. everything should be fine,… HaHa.

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