Allen Lazard: I’ve never wavered in my belief in myself

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had some fun on Wednesday when he was asked about Allen Lazard stepping into the No. 1 wide receiver role that was previously occupied by Davante Adams.

Rodgers referenced Adams’ comment about going from playing with Rodgers to playing with Derek Carr by joking that it’s “always tough going from Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer” before calling Lazard a capable and consistent wideout who enters the year with a lot to prove. In addition to stepping up a rung on the depth chart, Lazard is also looking for a long-term deal as he’s in the final year of his current one.

During Lazard’s own time with the media, Adams came up again. He didn’t steal any lines from either of the other players, but he did make it known that he doesn’t see himself occupying a different stratosphere from his former teammate.

“I’ve never wavered on the belief in myself and being able to step up,” Lazard said, via the team’s website. “Obviously when Davante was here, his talent is extreme. It’s tremendous. Undoubtedly, he’s the best wide receiver in the league right now and probably will be for a while. That doesn’t mean I’m far behind him from that standpoint.”

Lazard will get every opportunity to show that’s the case and success on that front should keep the Packers offense from missing too many beats this year.

19 responses to “Allen Lazard: I’ve never wavered in my belief in myself

  1. Not even when you let a Championship Game deciding pass sail right over your head?

  2. That doesn’t mean I’m far behind him from that standpoint.
    Your 40 receptions for 500 yards last year does that. That would be his 4th year in the league mind you.

  3. This guy silently does his job year after year. He’s not a “look at me” wide receiver like so many in the league. He will be just fine as WR1.

  4. Allen Lazard career yards/target 9.1
    Adam Thielen yards/target 8.9
    Davante Adams yards/target 8.0

  5. Anybody remember Jordy Nelson? first 3 years of nothing and then BAM! Lazard missed his first year….

  6. Anybody remember Jordy Nelson? first 3 years of nothing and then BAM! Lazard missed his first year….

    Couldn’t crack the starting lineup with Jennings in front of him, and until Driver started breaking down.

    Lazard has been already been a starter the last year and a half.

  7. Funny how some blame the receiver for throwing the pass over his own head.

    He never even bothered to turn his head to see the ball… WIDE open

    (2021 NFC Title game, 1st-&-goal at the 8, 2:22 to go)

  8. The big question with Lazard,….. can he free himself from any double coverage ?? He’s not sneaky fast but he’s got some speed and he is a good route runner with velcro hands. If Rodgers focuses on Lazard he’s bound to draw double coverage. Rodgers will be forced to spread the ball around to WR’s TE’s and RB’s to keep the defense off balance.
    Rodgers needs to work with his WR’s on that back shoulder fade. It’s deadly and almost defenseless. He and Adams had that down pat.

  9. Doubt he’s quick enough to be a gamebreaker, but at the top of the list in blocking to help the running game. Spread the ball around and get him 75 catches.

  10. The Packers FLEECED the Raiders in the Davante Adams trade. This is going to be fun to watch the Packers win their division and the Raiders finish in last place!

  11. Does Lazard have the same agent as CHRISTIAN KIRK? otherwise he is a #4 receiver at best

  12. Another way to look at it:

    The last 4 seasons Davante Adams was thrown to at a pace of approx. 170 targets per season.
    Allen Lazard has a total of 159 targets for his career (25 starts). He has 109 catches for 1,448 and 14 TD’s. Buy.

  13. Until you’re something special, you’re nothing special. Show us, don’t tell us.

  14. He didn’t have a lot of catches because they had the best receiver in football getting most of the throws.

  15. Can you imagine what kind of praises would be sung on here about KJ Osborn if he wore green? The Vikings are just happy he appears to be a solid #3….. he’d be the #1 in GB this year. Seriously, guys, listen to those of us who allowed ourselves to hope that guys like Bernard Berrian and Jerome Simpson would step up. Lazard is not a starting caliber WR.

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