Amari Cooper: No matter who’s at QB, if I get open, it’s going to be easy for them

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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The Browns have begun training camp without knowing if or how long quarterback Deshaun Watson will be suspended.

Though the team is privately bracing for an eight-game suspension, that’s still not official. While it’s still early, Cleveland has been splitting reps between Watson and Jacoby Brissett at QB.

How does that affect the team’s top receiver, Amari Cooper?

“At the end of the day, no matter who’s back there, if I get open it’s going to be easy for them,” Cooper said in his Thursday press conference. “And if I don’t get open, it’s going to be hard for whoever’s back there. Every time I approach the line of scrimmage, I’m trying to create as much separation as possible. I’m just looking at a ball spiraling to me at the end of the day.”

That, however, doesn’t mean the chemistry factor between a quarterback and receiver is overblown.

“Don’t get me wrong, because the reality of the situation is I’m not going to get wide open every play. So that’s where the chemistry comes in at — guys who are guarding me, they get paid. Some of them get paid more than me,” Cooper said with a laugh.

Cooper noted that every quarterback does things a little differently. But given that he’s played with plenty of them in his pro career on the Raiders and Cowboys, he’s confident in his ability to adjust.

“Some throw harder than others, some have a faster release — different, small things like that,” Cooper said. “I think I’ve played with most types. I’ve played with guys who release the ball fast, I’ve played with guys who throw hard. So it’ll be just adjusting to who’s back there.”

The Browns acquired Cooper from the Cowboys in March, before they landed Watson. He’s looking for a bounce-back year after he caught 68 passes for 864 yards with eight touchdowns in 2021 for Dallas.

10 responses to “Amari Cooper: No matter who’s at QB, if I get open, it’s going to be easy for them

  1. Imagine how much better the cowboys offense would look about now if Jerruh didn’t back up the Brinks truck for Zeke.

    Cooper might be inconsistent but he’s a solid pro who teams would put their #1 corners up against. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ceedee struggle this year with a far weaker WR corps.

  2. “Amari Cooper: No matter who’s at QB, if I get open, it’s going to be easy for them……” Unless of course he decides not to show up in that game….

  3. It’s so easy Derek and Dak still can’t finish the job.

    I know what he means but calling the qb’s job easy is a poor choice of words.

  4. I always believed that there was nowhere to hide on a football field, until Amari Cooper came into the NFL. The invisible man.

  5. Well he did get there after they got 4 QB’s tall enough to see over the O-line. Baker even when he played well made easy passes look super hard because he always had to roll away from his blocking to see downfield.

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