Brian Daboll: Mike Kafka will call offensive plays through training camp


Over the last few seasons, Brian Daboll became one of the league’s better offensive play callers while serving as a coordinator for the Bills.

But unlike many head coaches who’ve ascended from offensive coordinator in recent years, it’s looking more likely that he won’t be calling plays in his first year with the Giants.

Daboll had offensive coordinator Mike Kafka — previously the Chiefs quarterbacks coach — call plays during the offseason program. That will continue throughout the summer, though it could change once the regular season arrives.

“Mike’s done a really good job in the spring, which he handled the scripts,” Daboll said in his Thursday press conference. “Again, we talk on a day-to-day basis on plays and things to install. But he’s been on the headset with Daniel and he’ll be doing that through camp. As we get closer to it, we’ll sit down and discuss it.

“But I’ve been really happy with Mike — not just his communication with the quarterback but how he’s handled the offensive staff, how he’s handled the players. He has a really good demeanor about himself. So once we cross that bridge, which we’ve still got a little bit here to go, you guys will know.”

As a follow-up, Daboll was asked if it might be jarring for quarterback Daniel Jones to have a different voice in his headset once the season starts. Daboll effectively brushed that off as a potential concern.

“I talk to Daniel between every play,” Daboll said. “I meet with Daniel a lot. We have a good working relationship but I think it’s good right now for Mike to be able to do those things with Daniel, with the offense.”

Whether Kafka or Daboll ends up calling the plays, New York’s offense should significantly improve from the last two seasons. The club was 31st in yards and points in both 2020 and 2021.

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