Cardinals remove homework clause from Kyler Murray contract

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Well, that was fast.

On the same day that Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray told reporters during an unscheduled press conference that it was disrespectful to think that he doesn’t put in enough work, the Cardinals announced that they have ditched the clause that requires him to put in at least four hours per week of in-season independent study.

“After seeing the distraction it created, we removed the addendum from the contract,” the team said in a statement. “It was clearly perceived in ways that were never intended. Our confidence in Kyler Murray is as high as it’s ever been and nothing demonstrates our belief in his ability to lead this team more than the commitment reflected in this contract.”

PFT has confirmed that the change was made on Wednesday. It’s odd, frankly, that Murray would conduct an unscheduled press conference with reporters on Thursday for the purposes of complaining about a clause that no longer exists.

Regardless, it’s over. It’s done. It’s gone. And that’s good news for the Cardinals, who have eliminated a dynamic that could have caused Murray to want out, sooner than later.

That said, it’s still unclear whether the issue will have a lasting impact. From possibly changing teams to potentially switching agents, all options may be on the table as Murray continues to deal with the sudden perception that he doesn’t work hard enough, thanks to the clause that the Cardinals insisted on adding to his contract, before abandoning.

147 responses to “Cardinals remove homework clause from Kyler Murray contract

  1. Wow, a QB who isn’t even top 10 has THAT much influence over his bosses. The Cards brass looks bad here.

  2. Lol!!

    This can’t be made up. It’s impossible to make this up.

    This may be worse than including the clause.

    Holy mackerel.

  3. Mike Bidwell didn’t put it in there not to be seen. It was a nod to other players on the team that (never rallied to Murray’s defense) want to see more of leader and an exemplar.

  4. Another reason why this franchise hasnt won a championship since 1947.
    Total disfunction …

  5. Didn’t he make some statement last year about not needing to study the playbook, or something to that effect?
    Like Alvin Iverson saying “It’s practice, man.”

  6. Murray didn’t notice the clause until after he signed? He’s as bright as the Cardinals surmised. They should’ve left it in.

  7. To me, this outcome seems even more humiliating for Kyler Murray. The way he could have easily handled it would have been to say the clause was no big deal because, of course, he puts in far more than 4 hours studying every week. Talk about creating a distraction…

  8. It was in there because he told the NY Times he didn’t have to study. Even in his presser today he didn’t say he’s going to put in the extra film study. This is not going to end well.

  9. The clause included an extra $3M or whatever. Is that money now added to the signing bonus? Workout bonus? I’m sure he doesn’t just leave $3M on the table

  10. Doesn’t matter. We’ll all still remember it needed to be there. Never forget.

  11. This is all on the GM and Owner. Incompetent and spineless. Now you embarrassed yourselves and Kyler, and you have nothing to show for it. And the first three weeks is Chiefs, Raiders and Rams. Applying needless pressure on themselves.

  12. When a child cries and you give in… you’ve only taught them to cry more.

  13. He pouted to get a contract, he pouted to get a clause he signed off on removed.

    His on-field play has won nothing. His pouting seems to be more successful.

    This is not a leader of men, or a winner.

  14. Clearly, the Cardinals aren’t sold on Kyler Murray so they should’ve never given him the contract extension

  15. How did either side not see this as an issue? And what about the no baseball clause? Kyler is playing football, so there must be no reason for the clause at all.

  16. You can’t just put the toothpaste back in the tube, and everything will then be alright. Damage has been done.

  17. Added addendum because Murray is ill prepared and is immature and entitled.
    Removed addendum because Murray complained at an impromptu press conference (which is both immature and entitled.)

  18. This is a joke, right?? This team has no backbone, obviously he doesn’t prepare like an adult nfl qb and the team knows it, but as soon as he complains they cave in and once again give him what he wants. What did he threaten them to take the team off his social media again or did he hold his breath and jump up and down, or did he threaten to pull a DeShawn and not play after signing the new contract! These teams have to stop giving into these divas’s cause it is getting out of control.

  19. So they would rather not hurt Kyler’s feelings than be real with him and insist that a QB making $200+ million does the bare minimum to prepare before games?

    The Cardinals are going to so dearly regret this contract.

  20. watched his press conference and afraid he’s one of those guys who will dig the hole deeper every time he opens his mouth. did not know he was so inarticulate.

  21. Let’s revisit this article come playoff time…We’ll check the confidence meter then.

  22. Somehow they just doubled down on their dumb mistake. Especially after he reacted like a toddler.

  23. “After seeing the distraction it created, we removed the addendum from the contract,”

    4 hours a week is a huge distraction for any top teir qb…

  24. Too late.

    The fact the clause was in there in the first place says everything that needs to be said.

  25. Hopefully his focus will be on doing his job to the upmost of his ability instead of potential disrespect. You earn respect, it isn’t a given.

  26. If I was the owner I would void the whole contract and trade him and get what you can get he’s only going last 2 more years than his body will break down

  27. He’ll want out very soon.

    KM thinks talent is all he needs…like Johnny Football did…

  28. These big, tuff athletes get their wittle feelings hurt so easily. Poor guys. I feel so bad for them.

  29. Who cares, we all know it was there for a reason and they removed it only because he cried about it publicly… also if there was a bet out there for him playing out that contract as the starter in AZ, I’d take that all day! Dude will be a gadget player or middle tier fringe starter by the end of it!

  30. Things have seemed a little toxic between the two sides for a year now. They gave him the money because the other options aren’t good. And now Kyler has all the power.

  31. This means he can go out with his friends to play after practice until the street lights come on.

  32. He wasn’t going to do it anyway. 4 hours a week is too much of an ask for Kyler

  33. Golly gee… what a clown show all the way around. It’s more clear than ever that the Cardinals front office don’t think things through completely, and then their starting QB gets his feelings easily hurt.
    Sure glad I’m not a fan of that team. It’s embarrassing.

  34. This is even more embarrassing in my eyes. Kyler took the bait and the Cards folded easily. They didn’t put something like that in there because he was putting in 30 hours of study…

  35. What a dumpster fire joke of a front office.

    The best move they made in the entire process was to include the independent study clause. At least they fiscally protected the organization against itself for overpaying a player who not only demonstrates poor character traits and weak leadership skills but also admits to having less than diligent study habits.

    Then they completely cave because the player publicly whines about the contract that he presumably read before signing.

    To paraphrase former Cardinals head coach Dennis Green, KM is who they know he is, and they let him off the hook!

  36. Diva. I highly doubt the Cardinals will reach the playoffs whether Murray studies or not.

  37. Clause might be gone, but the genie is out of the bottle and it isn’t going back in if he fails to perform. Check mate, say the Cardinals.

  38. I didn’t realize Kyler Murray was forced to sign the contract with the clause originally.

    If only he had an agent to say “get rid of it or we walk”…crazy how the employer has to catch heat for the stupidity of an employee and his agent

  39. Wow. Employee that’s not that good nor worth what he’s being paid telling the boss how it’s gonna be.

  40. Murray still wants out. This dude isn’t all in on the team and it’s shown itself for awhile now. He should be very fortunate the Cardinals made him the number 1 pick and then doubled down on it with a massive contract. The weird thing is you don’t see a lot of teammates stepping up to the plate for him. Usually some vets will come out and say something about the business side of things but we haven’t heard that. But I’m guessing they’d be torn down as well, just like Tua’s teammates.

  41. There has yet to be a team that won a Super Bowl after signing a player to one of these record breaking contracts.

    If I’m a GM I would go the college football route. Draft your QB, he starts for you for 3 years, and then you trade them. Rinse and repeat.

    I just don’t see how you can win a Super Bowl paying your QB $40M+. Especially when we’re talking about someone like Kyler Murray.

  42. A very talented player as a high school and college player but that is not enough at the next level. Sometimes you have to be a parent and not a friend and the Cards flinched. If the clause was in his contract that has to be a major red flag.

  43. Big mistake signing him and removing the clause because now he will be free to play video games all day long.

  44. If they hold this guy’s hand anymore he is going to be a man baby and worthless leader. First they pay him based on what may come, rather than actually he had produced, now they change a contrast because he got caught…. For the love of Kurt Warner, someone sit him down and please tell him what it takes to be a successful leader in the NFL…. Ole Big Ben was making a point the other day, listen up young bucks.

  45. Damage is done. It will follow him around until he wins the big one. So that might be forever.

  46. As a Cardinals fan, this whole thing is embarrassing. First of all, how did Bidwill and Keim not think this ends up in the NFL news cycle? It was bound to come out. Second, what is 4 hours of prep time outside of the team facility? That’s like one extra car on the highway. How could Cardinals management think Kyler spending 4 more hours in a week getting ready for an opponent justifies adding language to his contract?

    Just when I thought the days of the Cardinals being perceived as a knuckle head organization were over, the dynamic duo of Keim and Bidwill bring it back

  47. Cardinals gonna regret removing this clause from his inflated contract. It was there easy way out once kyler crashes and burns this season

  48. No more homework, no more books!
    No more teachers dirty looks!
    When the teacher rings the bell,
    Drop those books and run like hell!! LOL

  49. The clause made almost no sense. What was the weekly independent study requirement for a WR or FS? Film study could be helpful for a player at almost any position. No real signs that Murray was underprepared. Blaming individual bad games on inadequate film study without evidence is a silly knee-jerk reaction.

  50. Did mommy tell the Principal that these homework assignments just aren’t fair?

  51. What is wrong with these kids? For $200 million, or whatever obscene amount he will make, I’d not only double or triple the Cardinals’ 4-hour requirement, I’d invite the media to come and watch me watch!

  52. Yes it’s the teams fault he gave an interviews saying he didn’t need to watch film.
    He played this perfectly now though – he bullied them into a massive contract and now got his clause pulled by acting so incredulous to the notion he wasn’t studying, which he obviously wasn’t.

  53. This will hover over him the rest of his career. I’ve never seen anything like it. Rescinding it just gives the story more legs. What were Keim’s and Murray’s agent thinking?

  54. Of course, it will have lasting implications.
    Murray resents the team for making public their belief that he is a slouch, and the team resents Murray for being a slouch.

    In the end. . . who cares? It’s the Cardinals. It’s like a tree falling in the woods with nobody around to hear it.

  55. The clause should never have been there in the first place. All it has done is give ammunition to Murray’s critics.

  56. They should have provided someone to watch film with him on the down low. Strange organization.

  57. Could have used the clause as motivation. As it is, the public still knows the clause was there and now it knows KM signed the contract without knowing what was in it. Second half of the season will tell the tale.

  58. Toothpaste is already out of the tube. Murray has been exposed for being a slacker and that won’t change.

  59. Next offseason the talk will be, ‘how do the Cardinal’s get out from under Kyler Murray’s contract?’

  60. So he signed a contract, with a clause in it, that he felt disrespected by. Hmm…
    He has a press conference to explain how he feels about it, kind of blaming the people who only read about his contract, but not who presented the contract and why it would be in there in the first place.
    Where there is smoke there is fire, it appears that the powers that be in Arizona feel he didn’t study enough. That’s on them and you Kyler.
    You can spout how many games you’ve won in high school, winning a heisman, like that always travels well in the NFL. For the money you just signed for, that’s winning Super Bowl money. Now, it’s a team sport, you cannot do it alone, just like when you won in high school and your heisman, but your own team feels you can be better at your craft.

  61. It’s so funny to watch billionaire owners continually give in to entitled millennials

  62. The cardinals continue to have one of the worst front offices in the league. As a rule in life and business you never embarrass/diminish people that you invest in. In this case, the cardinals embarassed the best player on the team and face of their franchise. If you don’t think he’s that good just remember that the cardinals had the worst record in the league when they drafted him and three years later they made the playoffs. All without their best receiver I blame the agent as well because there is no way you let your client sign that contract. The agent either didn’t care and wanted his money or more than likely didn’t catch it.

  63. no organization should have their general manager coach and quarterback repped by the same agent. ever. this team continues to be a clown show as it has but for a few years in its long and not so glorious history….

  64. Too late now. Uh oh………………… you got a 230 million dollar problem.

  65. Congrats Kyler…all this escapade did was make you look like a whining crybaby. And guess what, people are still gonna think you aren’t doing enough in film study.

  66. Wow, they caved to him. I have a feeling this is going to go wrong down in Arizona.

  67. Biggest mistake; he’s going to get complacent and lazy. He’s out of the league in 4 years. There is only so much milage you get off your legs. Same thing is happening to Lamar.

  68. Good news for the Cardinals?

    That was their out in the case this guy takes the money and doesn’t put in the work. Either way the damage is done. It was put in the contract for a reason so we don’t believe for a second in any of the “reasons” .

  69. This issue is now officially moot. Until the first unbelievably bad interception, at which point it will zoom to the forefront again. Frankly, if he didn’t do much film study at Oklahoma (and most college QBs don’t, because most schools actually honor the limits placed on team activities), and if he hasn’t been doing much with the Cardinals, would “independent” film study make any sense anyway?

  70. This is hilarious. So, did Kyler not know that clause was in there? In which case, what possible good would it do? Or, more likely, he didn’t put up a fuss until he was publicly embarrassed by it? In any case, the Cards almost had to remove it at this point, or it would have been a topic of conversations and interviews with Kyler and team officials forever and ever and ever.

  71. Bottom line is, Cardinal Fans (of which I am not) want him to succeed. If he plays at a high level, and there is no late season swoon – people will lay off on comments about the clause. If however, his play regresses – or they have another late season dive/poor playoff performance – then they will be merciless to him. Its up to him how he wants this to go.

  72. He clearly doesn’t put the work in off the field. And now he’s playing the “disrespectful” card. Hey Kyler, you signed the contract dude!! Babies these days…

  73. Man, the Cardinals sure are caving into anything this kid wants. How can you respect an organization like that? He’ll be holding out in 2 years for another contract and will probably get it.

  74. I am sure Arizona is relieved since Murray threatened to remove all Cardinals images from his social media if they didn’t remove the clause!

  75. Murray is most likely in the group of people who cannot be satisfied or happy no matter what’s done for him.

  76. It sounds like his agent dropped the ball by allowing this clause and not anticipating the perception created once it got out. His agent was just counting the money.

  77. Peyton Manning wasn’t big into study habits either and he worked out just fine

  78. Wow. Why is Arizona giving in to this guy who hasn’t proven a thing yet in the NFL? This is an embarrassment to the team. Does this mean that Murray can stick to his usual routine, where he leads the team to a one and done, or not making the playoffs at all? I can’t believe that they caved to this whiner. They’re paying him a fortune.

  79. HurtsToReadComments says:
    July 29, 2022 at 7:36 am
    It’s so funny to watch billionaire owners continually give in to entitled millennials

    The millennial generation ended with people born in 1979. Murray was born in 1997.

  80. This is very typical of terrible organizations. Not really funny but sad actually the fans deserve better than this. They will NEVER even sniff getting close to the Super Bowl.I lived in AZ when they had Kurt Warned a HOF man and a true leader and a great teammate. They haven’t been good since and never will be again.

  81. When did we get to the point where the players run things? Is true talent so rare that the Kyler Murray’s of the world have to be kowtowed to? What’s wrong with telling him take it or leave it? The fact that they were only looking for 4 hours a week, which seems like nothing, tells you he really isn’t doing much. Might be why they fade down the stretch. His opponents are studying him while he’s playing Warzone

  82. He may have relied on athletic talent for so long, he doesn’t even know what to look for while watching film.

  83. There has yet to be a team that won a Super Bowl after signing a player to one of these record breaking contracts.

    If I’m a GM I would go the college football route. Draft your QB, he starts for you for 3 years, and then you trade them. Rinse and repeat.

    And yet.. teams do the polar opposite of that.

    Again and again and again…

  84. The language in the contract was disrespectful and unprecedented. It was a bad look for both the team and player — who led them to their first playoff appearance in six years. He’s a young player who’s only getting better — the numbers and the team’s record reflects that. It was a huge goof by the team and the agent. It needed to be fixed.

  85. Kyler Murray and the Cardinals are heroes. All people here who talk otherwise are lame.

  86. Well, now it’s a dead heat between the Cards and the Browns for dumbest, most expensive, and not worth it QB signing. They’ve embarrassed themselves beyond belief.

  87. The dude hasn’t even won anything and they give him over 200 million ans he still had to whine about them making sure he did film study. What’s wrong?? The 200 plus million wasn’t good enough

  88. Barn doors open. Horses are in the next county. Cardinals decide to close the doors.

    Too late.

    Now we know why the Cardinals were terrible towards the end of the season….or at last the reason that the Cardinals brass thinks they lost so many games……Murray doesn’t study film. If they asked for 4 hours, it means that he was already doing less than that.

  89. “Peyton Manning wasn’t big into study habits either and he worked out just fine”

    Reality is just the opposite. His amount of film study is the stuff of legend.

  90. I have even less respect for the Cards front office than I do for Murray after seeing this.

  91. The Arizona Cardinals will place 4th in their division for the next 3 or 4 years till they get rid of that QB…that GM…and that HC. Can’t do anything about the owner.

  92. Kyler is gen Z and please tell me the Peyton Manning didn’t study comment was sarcasm!

  93. After the 2023 season, and the Cardinals are not one of the 24 teams the make it to the new playoff format, Kyler will cry and stomp his feet, and demand a trade. When no other team will deal with the Cards, Kryin’ Kyler will sulk off to the Athletics office, only to find an “not hiring” sign on the door. He will go home, lock himself in his game room, and wonder why his picture is not on the new release of Madden 2024. Such a diva.

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