Daniel Snyder’s testimony lasts nearly 11 hours

Washington Football Team Announces Name Change to Washington Commanders
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It was a long day for Daniel Snyder.

The Commanders owner testified before staff members of the House Oversight Committee for nearly 11 hours, according to A.J. Perez of FrontOfficeSports.com.

A Commanders spokesperson provided a predictably self-serving comment to Perez.

“Mr. Snyder fully addressed all questions about workplace misconduct, described the Commanders’ dramatic two-year transformation and expressed hope for the organization’s bright future,”  the statement asserted. “After concluding the memorial services for Mr. Snyder’s mother, Mr. and Mrs. Snyder look forward to returning their focus to supporting the efforts of the Commanders’ incredible employees and executive team and delivering a winning season for Commanders fans.”

Obviously, any changes made to the team by Snyder happened only after the situation imploded and he faced, as a practical matter, the choice of making changes on his own or getting out of the way while the next owner did so.

Perez writes that he omitted from his story a portion of the statement in which the team asserts that the Committee’s investigation concluded last month. The Committee disputes that claim. (Frankly, that perhaps should have been enough of a misstatement to reject the entirety of the team’s statement.)

It will be interesting to see whether the Committee agrees with the Commanders’ characterization of Snyder’s testimony. If it doesn’t, he could still be subpoenaed.

Perez reports that Snyder didn’t decline to answer any question. That doesn’t mean the Committee will find the answers provided satisfactory. One way of the other, we’ll likely know soon enough.

17 responses to “Daniel Snyder’s testimony lasts nearly 11 hours

  1. If Congress couldn’t get what it was after in 11 hours then they should move on to their next inefficient investigation.

  2. The only way he would have agreed to this instead of trying to stall it out would be if he knew he had the upper hand

  3. I can’t believe this man touts this ‘two-year transformation’ like people haven’t been calling for it, for decades. Like the only reason he changed is because people had to run to the press because he was too busy on his yacht to care. Stop man. Stop. Sounds like it’s the most work he’s done in his entire run as owner.

  4. Richard Sherman made mistakes and has been given support and a second chance. And he made domestic mistakes.

    But Dan cant change things up for the better? Makes no sense to me??

  5. I don’t know about you, but I feel so much safer knowing Congress is investigating Dan Snyder. He’s so mean. Telling off color jokes and leering at cheerleaders. He might be worse than Putin. You go Congress!

  6. He should be cleared for return any day now. Welcome back, Mr. Snyder.


  7. I don’t care for the guy either but Congress should be worried what really matters right now.

  8. Snyder should bill Congress, specifically the blue Congressmen, for every single second that he (Snyder) had to waste in front of those frauds who are just trying to put on a show.

  9. What a waste of our tax dollars. Fix inflation and start producing energy. Among many other productive things Congress could be helping America with.

  10. Yes, it’s a waste of tax dollars. On the other hand, I think I’d prefer these clowns to be focused on nonsense like an NFL team than really important stuff. That way they can’t make those important things any worse than they already are.

  11. isnt it strange that publicly, congress is crying for his head, but testimony is private.
    congress: “so mr. snyder… how much did you donate to the DNC last year, and how much more do you plan on donating this year? “

  12. Snyder was up to the challenge…he probably really enjoyed playing robe-a-dope with the big boys. Ahh the stories he’ll tell his grandkids.

  13. I can’t stand the guy but what on earth required 11 hours? Seriously, why would it last that long?

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