House Oversight Committee reports that Dan Snyder will provide “full and complete testimony” on Thursday

House Hearing Examines NFL's Handling Of Washington Commanders' Workplace Misconduct
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The NFL is a deadline driven business. So is Congress.

With the deposition of Commanders owner Daniel Snyder set to commence on Thursday at 8:00 a.m. ET, a deal has been reached between Snyder and the House Oversight Committee for Snyder to testify.

Via Ben Standig of, the Committee has announced that Snyder will participate in the deposition, and that he has “committed to providing full and complete testimony” regarding “his knowledge of and contributions to the Commanders’ toxic work environment.”

Snyder will testify remotely, and the deposition won’t be televised. Eventually, all or part of the testimony could be released publicly.

It’s a surprising turn, given that Snyder resisted the Committee’s efforts to subpoena him for testimony. He was willing to participate without a subpoena, which would have allowed him to decline to answer certain questions. More importantly, the absence of a subpoena likely would have prevented him from talking about matters covered by nondisclosure agreements.

At times, it appeared that Snyder was willing to remain on his superyacht and out of the country indefinitely, in order to avoid being forced to testify. Something happened to break the impasse between the Committee and Snyder’s lawyer, who had been at odds for more than two weeks with no evidence of a looming agreement that would make the testimony happen.

14 responses to “House Oversight Committee reports that Dan Snyder will provide “full and complete testimony” on Thursday

  1. More wasted tax dollars while these imbeciles keep passing bills to print money and skyrocket US inflation. Inflation has nothing to do with the world, this all due to the current congress and exec admin running America into the ground. Let’s focus on an NFL owner that will solve everything.

  2. Hey great use of time investigating Synder while the fed just raised interest rates another 3/4 of a point!

  3. Our country has much bigger issues at hand that are being completely ignored on purpose.

  4. He probably changed his mind after this so-called committee caved and agreed to put the kid gloves on and do what Washington does best, roll out the old dog and pony show. There will be no great revelations from his testimony. He’s still going to own the team and he won’t be throwing Roger or the NFL machine under the bus. Hell, they probably paid him to appear, so why not.

  5. Sounds like The Shield and the House Oversight Committee have worked out what questions will be asked and which questions won’t. I’m suspicious but trying to be optimistic.

  6. Snyder is just gonna offer Mamma Mia show tickets to the house committee.

  7. The bi-partisan House Oversight Committee is mainly gathering info to see whether or how much the NFL covered up or discarded evidence of unfair employment practices and employee harassment. When any major industry or conglomerate is accused of violating interstate commerce laws, it’s under the committees job description to evaluate and possibly reform the laws. The Snyder chase gets all the headlines but it’s really the possible NFL/Goodell “coverup” or avoidance of lawful action that is under investigation.

  8. This investigation into unfair employment practices and employee harassment is arguably more sensible than previous Congress investigations into baseball steroid use or college football playoff systems which were supposedly based on interstate transport of steroids and possible unfair competition of college bowl game selections.

  9. house oversight committee = political theater
    nothing of value or substance.

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