Kyle Rudolph: I’ve got big feet, but Gronk’s shoes too big to fill

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp
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Kyle Rudolph signed with the Buccaneers a little over a week ago and the reasons why he’s in Tampa aren’t a big secret.

Rudolph said Wednesday that a championship is the only hole he’s trying to fill in his career resume and the Bucs give him a chance of making it to the Super Bowl. It helped that the Bucs had a need at tight end with Rob Gronkowski retiring from the NFL this offseason, although Rudolph made it clear that he doesn’t see himself replicating what Gronk brought to the table.

“Those shoes are way too big to fill, and I’ve got pretty big feet,” Rudolph said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

Gronkowski and Bucs quarterback Tom Brady had a long run together in New England and Tampa. Rudolph’s probably not going to develop that kind of chemistry with Brady in training camp, but Rudolph still said that his goal is to “be on the same page with Tom like we have been playing together for 10 years.”

That kind of relationship might be a stretch, but having Rudolph in the right spot on the field come September should be enough to make his signing a plus to the Bucs offense this year.

5 responses to “Kyle Rudolph: I’ve got big feet, but Gronk’s shoes too big to fill

  1. Rudolph is at the end of his career but can block and is a great red zone target. Brady will love him inside the 10yd line. Rudolph could hurt the fantasy value of other Buc players by eating into the Red Zone targets.

  2. Brady loves collecting older players so he can do less work. This is another reason why BB got rid of him. He was simply unwilling to put the time anymore with the younger players. He created a divide in the locker room and the media just belw it off.

    Meanwhile, Rodgers has brand new WRs and he’s not whining, at least yet.

  3. Well spoken, Kyle. The humility in his statement is way more positive than any bragging many others would have likely chosen to do. Respect earned here.

  4. Bucs fans will love this guy — such a great person and team-mate. The issue is the lack of speed and quickness, which limits his effective role. Again, if its primarily blocking and red zone, the Bucs have a winner. If Rudolph or Bucs fans expect more, they will be disappointed.

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