Kyler Murray: Disrespectful to think I don’t put in enough work

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The revelation of a clause in Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray‘s new contract that requires him to spend at least four hours a week engaged in “independent study” of “the material provided to him” by the team to prepare for their next game has garnered a lot of attention.

One of the most frequent reactions is that the Cardinals would not have asked for such a clause if they were confident that Murray is doing that work without a contractual requirement for it. Murray remained silent about the hubbub until he called an impromptu press conference from Cardinals training camp on Thursday.

Murray took issue with the implication that he doesn’t do the necessary homework required of an NFL quarterback. He said he puts in an “incomprehensible” amount of time into preparing for his job and joked that he’s “honored” by people who think he could have gotten to this point without doing that work.

“To think that I can accomplish everything in my career and not be a student of the game . . . it’s disrespectful. It’s almost a joke,” Murray said, via Kevin Zimmerman of

Darren Urban of the team’s website added that Murray declined to answer a question about whether he’s mad at the team for making that clause part of the contract offer.

Murray’s comments on Thursday are a departure from what he said on the topic last year. Murray said he is “not one of those guys that’s going to sit there and kill myself watching film” while crediting his “cognitive skills” with being able to make him successful on the field. That didn’t stop him from signing a contract including the clause and his response is unlikely to stop some from believing that the clause exists because the Cardinals were convinced he wasn’t doing enough work on his own.

102 responses to “Kyler Murray: Disrespectful to think I don’t put in enough work

  1. There sure is an unhealthy amount of NFL players who play the “disrespected” game. Seems like a cop out to be better.

  2. Fire your agent. How he let that get in there is beyond comprehension. His job is to prevent this BS from ever getting to this point. No one has benefited from this clause.

  3. Another athlete whining about negativity. Deal with it, use it as motivation, whatever. Just move on.

  4. Ask your employer. Cardinals organization doesn’t think you put in enough work. That’s why its in the contract you signed

  5. You admitted it yourself!
    Wow…just wow!
    It’ll be even more epic to watch you flame out now and not live up to your contract!

  6. There’s really no other reason to put a clause like that in a contract or the consequences if he doesn’t fulfill his end of it. I don’t view something this unprecedented as disrespectful at all. He’s doing himself and the Cardinals a disservice if he’s not prepared to play.

  7. The Team may have erred by pushing that clause if he had been doing more than the 4 hours a week, already. He might reduce his study habits to that documented level. However, I’m with most folks who believe it’s included to motivate & improve an area of concern. It’s no different than a workout or weight clause in other contracts. Player’s always deny they need the motivation, but teams use them to get better compliance to address an issue.

  8. People have been disrespecting you since your draft day, Kyler. It just that now the disrespect is in writing.

  9. Why bother arguing about a clause if it’s not something you will trip over? Seems to me there are better hills to die on.

  10. Management had to add this “4 hours / week” film review clause to your $230,000,000 contract because they doubted your work ethic and preparation that any other NFL quarterback would do.


  11. Yet, he agreed to it… So this on him every bit as much as it’s on the team…

  12. Well if you do more than enough, then they probably wouldnt have put it in your contract.

  13. I’m sure they added the clause to your contract arbitrarily; it can’t possibly be a reflection on you

  14. “Disrespectful” is not some magic word that ends all discussion/conversation, despite the word often being used with that intent. In this case, for example, Kyler is identifying a truth: Arizona management and many NFL fans have a marked lack of respect for him, as they would have for anybody who needs to have an employment contract written with a clause mandating that they do their job. It’s perfectly appropriate to withhold respect towards anyone who takes hundreds of millions of dollars and holds a position of utmost importance and responsibility, yet cannot be counted upon to be professional about that position. Murray can complain about that situation all he wants, but he put his own signature to that reality in black and white.

  15. He can get away with not studying until the playoffs and when he physically isn’t able to run. Best to start developing a good study habit now

  16. That playoff performance in January was disrespectful to all Cardinals players and fans!

  17. Politics and public image shaping constantly going on as usual, but the clear and obvious facts are there in the contract and in plain sight. Logically, unprecedented contract clauses do not happen without the clear and obvious reason why. Arizona was not going to feel comfortable bringing that much bacon to the table without some inked guardrails to help mitigate the concern/risk of the team by either A) Murray putting in the consistent study time to improve perceived weaknesses or B) the Team having a way out or penalty if he does not prove he studies like he should.

    And I don’t fault the politics and image shaping. These are not exclusively negative terms. Some is good and some is of the ugly variety. I’m happy for Kyler. Good for him.

  18. Murray doesn’t want to “kill myself watching film”. That single utterance say everything you need to know about his attitude and the utter mess the Cards now find themselves in. In his mind the only reason he doesn’t have multiple SB rings is because of everyone else’s failure. It’s everyone else who needs to do better, management, coaches, OL, RBs, WRs, Defense…He’s fine. Really.

  19. A strange bird, this one. He sure didn’t look like he’d studied any film of the Rams in that loss, did he? He may not have known who Aaron Donald was before that game, but he sure does now. Their next meet up is going to be fascinating!

  20. Someone in your organization though otherwise…and YOU signed it . Should have said this is disrespectful before you put pen to paper.

  21. “Ro think that I can accomplish everything in my career and not be a student of the game”…

    Exactly what has he accomplished?

  22. the clause doesnt seem like it will produce the desired outcomes it was intended to.

  23. Your play in the wildcard was disrespectful to your fans that paid to watch the game. Call it a wash.

  24. He’s “honored” that people think that he could achieve his success without studying the game. BUT the people who say that are disrespecting him.

    He puts in an unreal amount of work on his game, BUT he’s not going to spend a lot of time watching film because his natural cognitive ability will carry him through?

    I really am pulling for this kid, but man, the more he talks the more I hear Brian Fantana saying, “Take it easy, Champ. Why don’t you stop talking for a while?”

  25. The quarterback doth protest too much, methinks. The Cardinals, for all their faults, wouldn’t have inserted that into his contract without a good reason, and his agent wouldn’t have signed off on it without discussing it with the team and his client. If they’re mandating four hours per week, they had to be convinced he hasn’t been doing much after-hours film work at all.

  26. I believe it was Murray himself that said he doesn’t watch much film, as he “sees a lot in his head” (paraphrasing). There’s a reason the team put in a homework clause in his contract. Calling an improptu press conference to complain about it makes me think they were right to do so.

  27. He literally said that he does not spend a lot of time watching film. If there is a perception out there about him, it is due to his own words.

    He does not have any room to complain about this at all. He does not have the emotional maturity required for his job.

  28. Maybe he does put in a lot of time on his own studying but the team wouldn’t add it to the contract if they didn’t think they needed to.

  29. I mean, they put the clause in for a reason. That clause isn’t in other contracts. It’s not hard to connect the dots. If it’s disrespectful, then tell that to the Cards who put it in the contract or you or your agent who didn’t work to have that clause removed.

  30. Did Murray not admit in a NYT interview that he’s not one of those guys who sits around killing himself watching film? Now he says that he’s being disrespected? He has no foundation for his argument, since he knew that the clause was in his new contract, and he signed off on it. He needs to just put his head down and get to work.

  31. I’m sure Cardinals fans find your annual choke-jobs from November to January to be much more disrespectful, Kyler.

  32. This clause reflects a lack of trust by the Cards front office in the first place. Their intention was to wait towards the end of the season before giving him a new contract. But given the insistence by Murray’s camp, and the fact they had no replacement option at QB, they decided to avoid any turmoil in training camp. In a sense the Cards were blackmailed a bit. We’ll see how he performs.

  33. Teams were figuring him out in the latter half of the season especially with Hopkins out. The Rams sure made it look like he didn’t do enough HW for that playoff game.

  34. I think he’s got sufficient knowledge, athleticism, an ability to be in the top 1/3 of the league. If the athleticism is lost, where is he at then? Brady is the least athletic guy in the entire league yet his knowledge and ability put him in the top 5. That leap from top 1/3 to top 5 is developed by study. The team put the clause in the contract to motivate hiim to be all he can be.

  35. Here we go. Generation X, Z, or whatever they consider themselves… they’re constantly being “disrespected”.
    Asking them to put in the brain work and not just rely on their physical skills is “so much disrespect”.
    Never has a word been so misused.

  36. It’s easy to say you feel disrespected after you’ve signed your contract and got your guaranteed money, why didn’t he bring this up before he signed the contract?

  37. Ah, playing the old disrespectful card.

    Mr. Murray, how about you not being disrespectful to the organization that pays you an obscene amount of money? Do the work, buddy, and stop complaining.

  38. Ok, I actually agree, Kyler. But it’s your team that “disrespected” you by including that clause, and you signed it, so…. if you were so insulted, maybe you should have raised the issue at the time? With the Cardinals?

  39. Typical short choke in the clutch Oklahoma QB, who doesnt know the playbook. Hmmm must be an Oklahoma thing to think you have all the answers and dont need to prepare. You arent playing Tulsa every week anymore Murray. There is. reason they put that clause in your contract

  40. It’s disrespectful to the intelligence of the public to try to pretend that clause would be in there if there were no issues with Murray’s work ethic and/or study habits. Literally the only contract in league history that the team felt the need to mandate film study and specify he can’t be playing video games with film running in the background.

  41. Proof is in the pudding, kiddo. It wouldn’t be in the contract if you didn’t put in enough work.

  42. It is. It’s one of those products of the media making fans think that they understand their job because they watched the all 22. Football is mostly muscle memory for these guys at this point. The bigger problem is the Cardinal organization because they’ve always done this with their players going back to when Larry Centers and Aeneas Williams were there and they treated them like they were run-of-the mill talents. You thought they might be turning a corner during the Arians era, but nope, it’s the same old low class Cardinals where management makes sure everyone knows the pecking order.

  43. …he’s “honored” by people who think he could have gotten to this point without doing that work.

    Somewhere JaMarcus Russell says “Hold my Beer”

  44. Go flame out in minor league baseball then.

    I’m betting the farm that this clown fails miserably.

    My popcorn is ready!

  45. He’s feeling disrespected now chilling during the offseason. Imagine how he’s going to handle these questions in the postgame following 3 interceptions. And now keep in mind he’s never been really smooth in handling the press. This could turn into a disaster.

  46. I think its disrespectful for you making the Cardinals have to include film study in your contract!

  47. So Disrespectful but You still signed the contract. It should tell You something When Your employer needs to put a baby monitor clause on Your contract. Your Lazy and You don’t take accountability Kyler that’s Why !!

  48. Press conferences are gonna eat into your homework time. Now finish your beans and go study. Say less.

  49. Perhaps he should have spent four hours reading his contract before signing it. Then he could have asked for it to be removed.

  50. tb12bestqbevah says:
    July 28, 2022 at 2:10 pm
    So you signed a contract that was disrespectful to you?

    Murray is not saying that the contract is disrespectful. What he is saying that the reaction to it is disrespectful, along with the assumption that he is not putting in the necessary work off of the field. And in many ways Murray is correct. No one outside of his teammates and coaches know for sure.

  51. He’s probably relied on natural athletic ability since he was ten years old, and coddled for it. It takes more than that to be a successful professional. He hasn’t been the same since the Packer game. It took all the wind out of his sails and he was exposed.

  52. The more I hear from this young man the more I don’t like.
    Why do I think this will not turn out well for the Cards?

  53. Seeing how he’s flailed in most every game that mattered, I would say the evidence is there. Talent can only get you so far in the most important position in the sport, and he’s hit that wall.

    I hope he succeeds at doing what needs to be done. Everyone will be better off for it, including him. But right now, it feels a bit more disrespectful for him to expect unquestioning respect and such a large reward when “accomplish everything in my career” has added up to nothing so far.

  54. Could totally See Him have a mediocre year ,get His coach fired as a result, and then demand a trade because He is not Happy with the organization and How they disrespected Him when He signed His deal.

  55. This may be true but none of us has a “do your damned job” clause in our contract.

  56. I can’t figure out why the Cards hitched their wagon to this guy long term.

  57. Disgraceful last game. Sulky off-season. Still distracted by trivial things. Where is his head going to be if the first three games – Chiefs, Raiders, Rams – don’t end up particularly well?

  58. Murray is one of those guys with a ton of natural talent. But that natural talent only takes you so far. The fact that Murray fades towards the end of the season is proof. As the other teams and QBs get better towards the end of the season, Murray stays the same.

    And if his coach and GM thought that he studied enough, they never would have added that clause to his contract.

  59. I feel disrespected that I wasn’t given pro football talent. And disrespected that all 32 teams passed on giving me a chance. It’s incomprehensible!

  60. go read “Extreme Ownership” Kyler. Or the audio book since you can’t concentrate for more than four hours a week on something

  61. How is Keim employed? This is a #1 overall pick and you just gave him an extension like an idiot.

    His GM work is absolutely HORRENDOUS.

  62. I wish just one of the people close to Kyler would say, “Uh…Kyler, stop talking. Just…stop.” A mature professional turns the perceived disrespect into actions, not whining.

  63. Kyler Murray, you’re an absolute idiot and worthy of disrespect for bragging you don’t watch film and then performing like a QB who doesn’t watch film. Just wow.

  64. Someone on twitter shows his drop in production in 2019, 20, 21 after the new Call of Duty drops. Things that make you go Hmmmm.

  65. This entitled jerk seems to have a complete lack of awareness. If he ever wins anything at all in his professional football career, I will be shocked.

  66. He sounds a lot like Johnny Manziel. Thinks he has enough natural skill to win games without putting in prep time. The only difference is Manziel spent his off time partying at the clubs while Murray spends his off time playing Fortnite.

  67. 4 hrs over 6 days is only 40 mins a day. That ain’t that much. If he didn’t read the contract or agree to terms on it, he didn’t have to sign it. But if he is being asked to commit an extra 40 mins a day to film prep, he very likely didn’t do his homework on the contract terms, either.

  68. Murray is very talented, but so are many other quarterbacks in the league. It’s obvious that the late season decline of Murray is due to him not studying his opponents. He thinks that his talent is so great that he doesn’t needto study.

    That might work in high school and college, but not in the pros. Top quarterbacks in the NFL often study for 4hours or more…A DAY, not in a week like is in Murray’s contract.

  69. Im going to love this blow up in their face all year. Cards will NEVER get to the Super Bowl we already saw him in the playoffs last year.

  70. Reminds me of when the Raiders would give JaMarcus Russell a blank tape and JaMarcus would claim he watched the film. 😆 🤣 😂

  71. kyler “did they write that in there..? my bad… i just read 230 million and signed.”

  72. The 49er defense exposed the real Kyler Murray, he is another failed overhyped QB.

  73. Well, Kayla, you can show everyone how good you are by winning a playoff game in a decisive way and then you will be just as good as Kirk Cousins. Until then, you are not even that good.

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