Kyler Murray’s anger should be directed at no one but the Cardinals


If Kyler Murray believes it’s disrespectful to think he isn’t a student of the game, the source of the disrespect traces to the logo on his helmet.

The Cardinals created this issue by putting a homework clause in his contract. It wasn’t the product of the spinning of a wheel of obscurely random terms. They wanted it. Ultimately, owner Michael Bidwill signed off on it.

So why did he want it? There are three possible explanations. He wanted it: (1) because he believes Murray doesn’t spend enough time studying on his own; (2) because he fears Murray won’t spend enough time studying on his own once he gets paid a giant pile of money; or (3) he felt compelled to make a gratuitous power play while being squeezed by Murray to make a nine-figure guarantee.

Regardless, the Cardinals knew or should have known that the homework clause would become public, and that Murray would be criticized for not working hard enough. Everything said since the story was broken on Monday flows from the existence of the homework clause. No one was suggesting that Murray wasn’t putting in enough work before the homework clause came to light. No one. It was only after the team made it an issue by making it part of his contract that the media and fans knew to make it a focal point for conversation and criticism.

Murray at one point on Thursday declined to say whether he’s mad at the team. It doesn’t require four hours of study to conclude that this means he’s mad at the team.

He should be. As noted earlier today, the question is whether the team has poisoned the relationship to the point that Murray eventually requests a divorce. It would be hard to blame him if he did, based on the things he said today.

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  1. He said himself he doesn’t study. This guy really gets on my nerves. I think the Cards made a big mistake.

  2. This was a seriously bad contract from the start.

    If you are concerned with his preparation habits, why even bother giving him the contract.

    You are never going to make anyone become a better player unless they also want the same.

  3. His anger should be directed towards himself for not studying enough, there’s no one else to blame

  4. Murray sounds like an immature snot-nosed little brat.

    Hasn’t won anything yet. Likely never will.

  5. Well that’s nonsense, because there have been rumors dating back to his time at Oklahoma regarding his work ethic.

    And it has been well known by the local beat writers in Arizona. In fact Murray got into a Twitter argument with a local writer last off season, after his work ethic was questioned

  6. Why? He had to sign the deal too, along with the organization. He just creates a problem about everything.

  7. He should be mad at himself for putting the team in a position where they seriously had to consider that as incentive to signing him.

  8. How absurd it is to suggest that anyone other Murray himself is “embarrassing” or “disrespecting” a professional athlete who’s so flippant about the demands of his position that his employer actually has to put a clause in his contract ensuring that he, you know, does the job he’s paid for. The Cardinals are giving this guy a massive raise. He’s getting paid more and they, in turn, want him to do more — and by “more,” I mean the bare minimum of what’s expected of every NFL QB in the film room.

  9. In this instance, Kyler could have also demanded that the clause was not included in the contract. Was Kyler mad about getting an extra $3M or whatever it is for doing what he says he has always done?

  10. He signed the contract with the clause in it, so he has nobody to blame but himself.

  11. The ownership and management of the Cardinals is responsible for representing the best interest of their organization. They felt the clause was necessary, for whatever reason. Murray’s agent’s responsibility is the represent Murray’s best interest. The fallout from this clause and the perception it creates is the agents blunder. Murray’s anger should be solely directed at him or her.

  12. Just look at last years playoff game. He looked lost, did not want to run to create space and overall he couldn’t solve what the defense threw at him. Very good clause for his contract.

  13. I think between this guy and the ex-Browns guy it should lay to rest the narrative that Oklahoma is an elite QB school. Cuz it’s not and these two knuckleheads demonstrated it.

  14. How did this info get leaked out anyway? Only the Cardinals/Steve Keim could have done this. It’s their fault. But, my guess is, the reason WHY they did that, if Murray fails, Keim can cite that and they can cut ties using it.

    This is like having your soon to be wife sign a prenup because of lack of trust. That means you don’t have a good relationship.

  15. Wait a minute. Did he not actually read the document before he signed it? Did his agent read it? Or was he too busy playing a video game? “Talkin bout my generation…”

  16. The media got it wrong.. The clause was put in because he was spending too much time studying, and wanted to limit it to 4 hrs max, per week.. Spin it Kyler lol

  17. I still maintain this is the Cards sticking it back to the agent for the theatrical fax and manifesto written on KM’s behalf. Sounds like this slipped past the agent and KM and they never saw the clause.

  18. Typical of the 30 and under crowd. They think success just happens without lots of hard work and dedication.

  19. …Or Kyler needs to go to the mirror, look into it and blame the guy he sees. If this was a problem, KYLER should have raised during the negotiations. If it was that important to him, that 4 days later he feels disrespected, what changed? He was disrespected when he signed the contract. Bottom line, Kyler created this problem himslef.

  20. so ridiculous- i am usually on players side of things, but clearly the blame lies with kyler, if he didn’t like it in there he should not have signed it. and to call a special press conference? jiminy crickets, thin skineed as they come. I guess disrespect and whining works for that guy in wisconsin, so everyone else will hop aboard the complain train

  21. Guessing Kyler didn’t spend 4 hours reading the contract before he signed it.

    Just a guess

  22. Murray lacks the maturity to lead a team. They’re only 3 days into camp, and he calls a presser to whine about the clause that HE agreed to in his contract. This does not bode well for the future of the team. He is a malcontent who will just be a constant distraction this season. For the kind of money he’s being paid, he should honor the terms of the clause and become the best QB he can be.

  23. “The Cardinals created this issue by putting a homework clause in his contract.”

    He signed the contract so this statement implies that he either didn’t read the contract or his agent didn’t disclose the clause. If this isn’t the case he’s just butt-hurt that it got out.

  24. Murray himself admitted he didn’t look at much film. It’s his own fault. Give the media a bone, they’ll snatch it very quickly.

  25. Something tells me this isn’t going to end well for either side.
    It might take a couple years but it’s my belief Murray is going to continue with the “disrespect” chatter and GM Keim is going to have his fill of it. Especially if the performance isn’t up to the pay grade. Adios Amigo,……… just sayin’

  26. Of course you’re not putting any accountability on the agent. The same man that issued a public demand letter for a new contract at the start of the offseason, while his client removed his teams logo from all of his social media, is the person who’s responsible for this.

    Any maybe if his client didnt treat his down time like a baseball player, playing video games like he’s killing time in the clubhouse, instead of getting to work like an elite franchise quarterback, there wouldn’t have been the need to put it in there in the first place.

  27. If you look at their schedule, and the fact he’s been figured out to some extend, he should study 10 to 15 hours a week to hope for a playoff spot.

  28. Coach: “Son, I can’t tell if you’re ignorant or apathetic.”

    Kyler: “Coach, I don’t know and I don’t care.”

  29. Brady has his own film library that he studies constantly. He even says its how he likes to relax in the evening one the family is settled in. For decades. His ability to read defenses comes from those hours.

  30. Yeah, probably not the kind of “leadership” any NFL team wants in their QB. When athletes complain about being disrespected, isn’t there usually a reason?

  31. If he spent time studying the contract then it wouldn’t been a surprise to him. Bet he didn’t even look at it.

  32. Pretty sure coach starts hot every season going back to college then fails apart. Murray isn’t the best but coaching isn’t a strong suit either.

  33. Yet people wonder why guys like Sam Bradford, Kirk Cousins and others maintain NFL employment.

    Whatever talent or availability concerns that plague them, they never give the media anything to spin or take out of context.

  34. Sounds like Kyler just saw $$$$$$$$$ when he signed his contract, and paid no attention to the clauses. Obviously the Cards included the study clause for a very good reason. Kyler not to smart.

  35. I think the contract clause is very important, because it sets a (needed, IMO) precedent for including incentives with guaranteed contracts.

    Getting the big payday almost never improves a player who hasn’t yet achieved. It almost always seems to make them worse. Unless we want to see an epidemic of that, I think guaranteed contracts are going to have to include requirements/incentives, whether it’s for personal results, team results, or even personal actions – taking part in positive activities or avoiding negative ones.

  36. Well its already exploding before the season. How would you like to play for this little punk if you were on the team and he just signed for more money than God. Unreal that he’s crying like this to the media.

  37. “Murray at one point on Thursday declined to say whether he’s mad at the team. It doesn’t require four hours of study to conclude that this means he’s mad at the team.

    He should be.”

    Why? Why should he be? If he truly felt embarrased or slighted he shouldn’t have signed the contract. He signed off on it and then after people told him he should be embarrased or angry, he then became angry. This is all on him. Start preparing like a true professional or don’t sign the contract and go somewhere where the team is comfortable with his lack of study habits. Lotta maturing that needs to take place here.

  38. Kyler signed off on the contract. If he considers it disrespectful, either he or his agent didn’t actually read the contract.

  39. KM being upset by this only proves the Cardinals were right to put it in his contract. If he truly was upset by it, he should have, you know, actually read his multi-million dollar contract and had them change it before signing it.

    What a cry baby. Just do your job and it’s all a moot point.

  40. Guessing he and his agent glossed over the fine print thinking no one would notice and they were too busy ogling all those big numbers….

  41. His angry reaction is possibly indicative of why the CARDINALS MANAGEMENT put the clause in the contract in the first place.

  42. If an NFL team wants to pay me $230M, they can put in any insulting clauses they want… demand I stop wearing ladies undies. I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!

  43. This kid has maturity issues on top of his QB issues. He’s a decent, serviceable QB, but not an elite QB. He’s not at the level of a TB12, Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen or even Justin Herbert. On top of that, he’s short for a pro QB. In college, coaches can cater a team to hide physical shortcomings. In the pros, there are very few short QBs who were successful. I’m going back 50 years and I can’t think of a short QB who won the Superbowl. Now that he’s getting elite-level pay, the highest in the league, let’s see if he can perform at an elite level.

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