Lamar Jackson hopes for a contract extension before start of season

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Lamar Jackson became eligible for a contract extension after the 2020 season. Yet, he remains without one.

Not long after Ravens coach John Harbaugh said both sides are motivated to get a long-term deal completed, the quarterback said he hopes to get it done before the start of the season.

“I think so. I think so. I think so. We’ll have to see,” Jackson said, via Sarah Ellison the co-host of Ravens Vault. “There will probably be a cutoff at some point . . . so hopefully.”

Jackson is entering the fifth-year option of his rookie deal with a $23.016 million salary for this season. He doesn’t have an agent, instead negotiating his own deal with General Manager Eric DeCosta and acknowledged that “we’re still talking right now.”

Jackson likes the process of doing the contract himself.

“Oh yeah, no doubt,” he said. “Because I don’t like people in my business at all. It’s my business. If I wanted it out there, I would put it out there myself.”

Jackson skipped the team’s entire voluntary offseason program before reporting for the mandatory minicamp. Those were his first practices with the team since Dec. 29 when he tried to practice with a right ankle injury but ended up missing the final four games.

He could have decided to “hold in” at training camp and not practice with the Ravens until a new agreement is in place to avoid an injury risk. Jackson, though, is fully participating.

“Man, I want to win at the end of the day,” Jackson said, via video from the team. “I just want to be great. I just want to work with my brothers at the end of the day. I don’t want to leave them out there hanging. That’s not me. That’s never been me.”

Jackson, the 2019 league MVP, threw for 16 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in 12 games last season. He has 84 touchdowns and 31 interceptions in four seasons, with two Pro Bowls.

26 responses to “Lamar Jackson hopes for a contract extension before start of season

  1. Hope he gets a top five running back contract plus $1 per year for being an imposter behind center.

  2. Honestly don’t recall a player that negotiated his own contract that resulted in a blockbuster deal.

  3. I don’t care if he’s horrible and throws 40 int. I’d rather have him than deshaun Watson any day of the week.

  4. He’s as entertaining as any player in the league. He’s got a great heart and puts everything he has on the field. Team player. Mark Ingram probably proposed in the locker room. He’s gonna have a monster year. Deal gets done next week.

  5. Should get a contract similar to Ezekiel Elliot. They play the same position after all.

  6. Regardless of what contract people believe Jackson deserves, the reality is he will get less than his worth not having an agent.

  7. I can’t think of a single running QB that has kept up a high level of play for more than 3-4 years. They look like Superman for a few years then become average at best. Michael Vick, RG3, Randall Cunningham, Cam Newton, Slash…
    Last year Lamar looked like the magic was over. If the Ravens throw all of the $ at him they are taking a huge risk.

  8. The media and Ravens fans never let the facts get in the way of the narrative. Look at almost all of the QB metrics and for the past two seasons Lamar has been anywhere from mid-teens to the bottom of the entire league (yards, TDs, completion %, interceptions, interception %, net yards per passing play, etc). Not even close to top half of the league, let alone the top 10. But it’s ok, he was an MVP in 2019! We can also ignore how atrocious he’s been in the playoffs his entire career. It’s weird how when he plays against good defenses when it matters he is consistently terrible. I am not a Lamar hater. I just look at the facts and I watch every game he plays. The delusion with him is truly amazing.

  9. He is an electrifying if unconventional QB. Maybe not quite the sharpest knife in the drawer but a team player and good dude. I hope he gets his $$$.

  10. Just because the Browns and other teams are dumb doesn’t mean the Ravens need to be. Remember if Lamar takes all the cheese, then there is none left for the others. Those teams that have overpaid the QB in a few years will all be looking for the first pick. If a player is to get such a huge contract there should be incentives to hit in order for the contract to still be good going forward. How many times have you seen players get paid and do nothing after that. You cannot lock up long term money on someone who is not going to contribute to the team and still get paid, not that kind of money.

  11. Your judged by how you perform against your peers, in his case AFC Elite QBs.

    1 and 0 against brady when with Pats
    1 and 3 against mahomes
    1 and 1 against burrow
    1 and 1 against Josh

    Only AFC QB I’m taking over Lamar is Mahomes.

    Should be a fun year. Let the games begin!!!

  12. Please back up the brink truck… Kyler killed AZ’s hope of being a perennial contender already, it would be awesome if Lamar could do the same for the Ravens!

  13. Hard to grade Lamar against any QB because a team has to tailor the offense to his unique skill set. But before the Watson fiasco, Watson was definitely a top 5 QB talent!

  14. Got to love the kid. No hold out. No hold in. Never been in trouble. No drama (except for the one created by the media). 37 -12 record. Haters gonna hate the 2019 NFL MVP. And he is very much a QB.

  15. dstegesaurus says:
    July 28, 2022 at 7:11 pm
    Jackson > Watson > Murray


    You are right and all three are overrated and not nearly as good as they get credit for.

  16. A player negotiating his own contract in the modern sports era has a fool for a client!

  17. hate to tell you this lamar, but once your business is done, it will be out there for everyone to see….

  18. Glorified Running back, Can’t throw, imposter QB, Blah….. Blah…… Blah….. This kid is only 25 years old. Still maturing, still growing in his role. He also has cred. His stats speak for themselves, whether you all choose to ignore them or not. I have never seen so many NFL caliber player scouts in my life. Does the NFL know about all the attributes that are available on here? Let’s give this kid a good o-line and the ability to see passed his first read before the entire defense is in his face pressing him to scramble and run for his life. Let’s see what happens when he can really initiate the RPO like it’s supposed to be run instead of for the sake of being runover. Baltimore holds a top 5 offense over the last 5 years despite the problems they have had and the number of injuries they had suffered. Call him what you want, it doesn’t change who he is. I like him, I think he will become a great QB and deserves the money. He seems genuine, goodhearted, and dedicated, and still has the love of the game. I will take that over Obnoxious, crude, egotistical, and entitled, Any day of the week…..

  19. Can you Baltimore fans for once, just once, step back and look at the facts? Since Lamar has taken over, he’s won one game in the playoffs. Just one. In 4 years. And not just that, he’s been downright awful in the playoffs. The excuses you make for him and the constant references to his 2019 MVP season are just so tired at this point. Yes, this must be the year he breaks out! And learns how to throw! And read defenses! And stop turning the ball over! It always takes any good QB in the NFL 5 years to do that. And all those good QBs go downhill after their first year and get progressively worse in years 2-4 but definitely turn it around in year 5 to become awesome.

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