Oversight Committee could still subpoena Dan Snyder, if unhappy with his testimony

House Hearing Examines NFL's Handling Of Washington Commanders' Workplace Misconduct
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The House Oversight Committee and Commanders owner Daniel Snyder reached an eleventh-hour agreement that allows him to testify in a deposition on Thursday. It ultimately may not be his only session.

As noted by the Washington Post, the Committee still could subpoena Snyder to testify, if the Committee isn’t happy with his answers to the questions he’ll be asked.

The deposition began at 8:00 a.m. ET on Thursday, with Snyder testifying remotely. Staff members (mostly lawyers) will handle the questioning. The session is expected to last longer than the 2.5-hour hearing involving Commissioner Roger Goodell’s testimony last month.

“The Committee’s deposition of Mr. Snyder will go forward today,” a spokesperson for the Committee said on Thursday, per the Post. “Mr. Snyder has committed to providing full and complete testimony, and to answer the Committee’s questions about his knowledge of and contributions to the Commanders’ toxic work environment, as well as his efforts to interfere with the NFL’s internal investigation, without hiding behind nondisclosure or other confidentiality agreements. Should Mr. Snyder fail to honor his commitments, the Committee is prepared to compel his testimony on any unanswered questions upon his return to the United States.”

It remains to be seen whether the Committee will be happy with his testimony. My guess? It won’t be. So then the question would become whether he’ll remain indefinitely at sea in order to avoid being subpoenaed to testify again.

2 responses to “Oversight Committee could still subpoena Dan Snyder, if unhappy with his testimony

  1. Undoubtedly they will ask questions about matters covered by NDAs. His lawyer will advise him not to answer such questions. So, it’s nearly certain they won’t be satisfied. But he’ll be able to say he cooperated with the committee to the maximum allowed by law.

  2. I’m still waiting to hear the outcome of the accusation he withheld money from the other owners.

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