Ten hours later, Daniel Snyder’s deposition continues

House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing On Washington Commanders Football Team
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It began at 8:00 a.m. ET. As of 6:00 p.m. ET, it’s still going.

Darren M. Haynes of WUSA9 in D.C. reports that, 10 hours later, the deposition of Commanders owner Daniel Snyder continues.

The House Oversight Committee announced early Thursday that a deal had been reached for Snyder’s testimony. Snyder appeared voluntarily and without a subpoena. The Committee reserved the right to issue a subpoena later, based on whether he gives cooperative and satisfactory testimony. If, of course, he returns to the United States before the current Congressional term ends.

Unlike an open hearing, which includes plenty of theatrics and nonsensical lines of questioning, a deposition will be more focused and pointed on matters relevant to the Committee’s investigation.

The longer it goes, the more likely that things will get chippy and/or snippy. For many depositions, things become the most precarious for the witness when he or she believes the train is pulling into the station. That’s when even the slightest lapse in focus or display of frustration can create an otherwise avoidable mess.

5 responses to “Ten hours later, Daniel Snyder’s deposition continues

  1. Not sure any part of this could be considered anything other than a “mess.”

  2. snyder says he runs an honest business in full compliance with the law. He has NOTHING to be worried about.

    I will wait for more facts before agreeing with THAT.

  3. So you don’t think he will testify and you’re upset. He testifies and you’re still upset is my read of this.

  4. The politicians just wanted a PR op – it didnt work out for them. When its over they will will make the perfunctory complaints and that will will be that. And then Snyder will come home when its clear they are done.

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