Trevon Diggs aiming for more than 11 interceptions in 2022

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs intercepted 11 passes last season, the most by any NFL player in a season in 40 years. But he’s not satisfied.

Diggs said his goal this year is to get even more interceptions than a year ago.

“Be higher than last year,” Diggs said, via USA Today. “Beat my 11 and just keep going and improving.”

Diggs said he should have had more than the 11 picks he grabbed a year ago.

“I got my hands on 14 balls, and I ended up with not 14 interceptions,” Diggs said. “So that’s a problem. . . . I just want to make a significant jump from last year and capitalize on all the plays I didn’t capitalize on last year.”

Realistically, Diggs exceeding his 11 interceptions from a year ago is highly unlikely. But he has his sights set very high for his second NFL season.

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  1. Maybe you should aim to not be the worst CB in coverage in the NFL again. Or how about winning a playoff game? Which you haven’t done!

    Just a thought.

  2. It seems like he’s figured out the strategy of “bite on everything and jump every route and get torched constantly, but also get some picks” Maybe if he doubles it and gives up 2000 receiving yards this year he can get 22 interceptions!

  3. Diggs INTs:

    1 – Heinicke threw a terrible ball, he had inside coverage and the ball came inside. Great pick still.
    2 – Daniel Jones severely underthrown, it was a gift. He caught it like a TE boxing out in the end zone, that’s how bad the throw was.
    3 – Taysom Hill badly underthrew a deep out letting Diggs undercut it. Hill thought it was man, but it was zone. A better throw is likely a 20 yard gain though. Diggs is exceptionally long for a CB, served him well here.
    4 – Matt Ryan down 33 hit as he throws and overthrows Pitts. A gift for Diggs, but he made a good adjustment to catch it.
    5 – Mac Jones pick 6. Great return, but the INT should have never happened. Off Bourne’s hands, unforced error, another gift.
    6 – Daniel Jones – GREATLY underthrown deep ball. I will give him that he had tight coverage, so this is a good INT. But Jones can’t make that throw.
    7 – Sam Darnold on a 5 yard stop route (only needed 3 for a first down so Diggs read that and kept tight coverage) Great pick. Excellent coverage, great catch. Impressive play.
    8 – Sam Darnold again. Not sure if a WR ran a wrong route (hybrid zone, might have been a WR read? either way, great def call against the play ran) but this was a pure gift for Diggs
    9 – Tom Brady – Screen Play – Cheeseburger Lenny with bricks for hands literally tips a pillow up to Diggs for a pure gift INT. No arguing that was a gift. That being said, Diggs read screen immediately, so he at least gets credit for making a good read.
    10 – Herbert – threw a ~13 yard cross and didn’t lead Keenan Allen. Good coverage, good undercut by Diggs, rare bad throw by Herbert.
    11 – Hurts with a stop route, WR fell down. This is likely a catch if not for the WR losing footing and falling down leading to a pick 6.

    Search “All 11 Trevon Diggs INTs” for YT vid. 6 of 11 picks were more due to fortune than anything else. I’d take the under on 11 picks.

    For evidence of what he should really be focused on, look up “5 minutes of Trevon Diggs getting burnt.” The Vikings game was particularly ugly. He is a risk taker. He needs to get better at risk vs reward, hopefully that is more of a focus than possibly taking MORE risks.

  4. A high interception number is a nice stat, but it’s also revealing of what the other team thinks of your cover ability.
    Namely it ain’t that good. And Diggs isn’t. Sure he had 11 interceptions last year, but he also gave up a lot of yardage, completions and touchdowns.
    If you’re truly an elite corner they don’t dare throw at you and those traditional stats are nonexistent.

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