With DK Metcalf contract done, a Deebo Samuel deal should follow

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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We’ll soon have the exact details of Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf‘s three-year extension. At first blush, it looks great — especially since he’s under contract for only four years, not six or seven.

And there’s a good chance the Metcalf details will become extremely relevant to 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel. Like Metcalf, Samuel is holding in until he gets his new contract. Like Metcalf, Samuel is represented by Tory Dandy of CAA.

The problem for the 49ers is that they’re still carrying quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo‘ $25 million cap number. It will be hard to do the Deebo deal until the 49ers trade or cut Garoppolo.

Once they do, it should be easy to work out a contract for Deebo. Dandy’ other client just provided the template.

3 responses to “With DK Metcalf contract done, a Deebo Samuel deal should follow

  1. What happens if they don’t extend Samuel?
    He’s 26 and they can tag him once or twice.

  2. 49ers just keep screwing up the Jimmy G. thing. Release the man already. He gave you his best, why not return the favor so he can compete to start somewhere?

  3. I hope Clara resets the WR contract market and pays this guy a ton of money. He’ll be unmotivated and pulling up lame by mid-season. That, along with giving up all those drafts picks for Lance is going to set the Clara franchise back for years.

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