Bengals hire Adam Zimmer as offensive analyst

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The Bengals have brought back a former assistant for their current coaching staff.

Per Field Yates of ESPN, former Vikings co-defensive coordinator Adam Zimmer is working for Cincinnati as an offensive analyst.

Zimmer is former Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer’s son. He worked under his father with the Bengals in 2013 as an assistant defensive backs coach before going with the elder Zimmer to the Vikings in 2014. Adam Zimmer served as Minnesota’s linebackers coach from 2014-2019 before he was promoted to co-defensive coordinator in 2020.

Zimmer’s new role with the Bengals represents a shift for him, as he’ll now be working with a different unit. That could make him a more well-rounded coach for whatever his next position is in the league.

6 responses to “Bengals hire Adam Zimmer as offensive analyst

  1. I don’t know much about young Zimmer, but I do know that nepotism is alive and well in the NFL. Legacy hires are all the rage.

    It happens in other industries as well. The accident of birth can mean advantages underserved and built-in disadvantages to the ‘unlucky’ ones.

  2. The guy has a fighting chance to restore his career now that he’s escaped from the dysfunctional Vikings.

  3. Mike Zimmer has lots of connections in the league and Cincinnati in particular. Clint Kubiak will also benefit from being well connected in league circles. Both men are probably worthy hiring candidates but having connections are critical for a career in the NFL.

  4. The Viking beat writer tried to confirm this last week and he hung up on him — the Zimmers are pretty ticked with the way they’ve been couched as inflexible hardasses here in MN, some justified, some not.

  5. Well good thing because he sure wasn’t effective on the defensive side of the ball – despite the extra tutoring at Casa Zimmer.

  6. “couched” as inflexible hardasses???
    The average Viking commenter loved the Zimmer straight-shooting, inflexible, rouge-ass style. At least until the defense sucked.

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