Cam Heyward: Diontae Johnson holding in won’t harm the team in any way

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
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Wide receiver Diontae Johnson has been with the Steelers at training camp this week, but he hasn’t been a full participant in practice as he tries to land a contract extension ahead of his fourth season in Pittsburgh.

Johnson isn’t the first Steeler to take this approach as T.J. Watt did the same thing last season and there are others around the league doing the same thing this summer, which is likely why head coach Mike Tomlin downplayed the impact of Johnson’s decision on the rest of the team. Defensive lineman Cam Heyward expressed a similar view on Thursday.

“We’re here to do a job,” Heyward said, via Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Mike T always says one man’s misfortune is another man’s fortune. This gives a chance for other guys to step up — guys like George Pickens, Calvin Austin, Chase Claypool. They shouldn’t run from it. Diontae will be ready by Week 1. But I don’t think he’s going to harm the team in any way.”

Heyward may not see any potential harm to the team, but giving rookies like Pickens and Austin extra opportunities could wind up harming Johnson’s bid for a contract if they prove to be quick learners. The Steelers have seen a number of wideouts leave the team over the years and they’ve been able to replace them with other productive players, so good starts for the younger wideouts could affect their plans for the older one.

4 responses to “Cam Heyward: Diontae Johnson holding in won’t harm the team in any way

  1. When you drop as many balls as Diontae you’re not in any position to be asking for a raise.

  2. Can is right. The equivalent of a 3rd receiver missing doesn’t affect the offense.

  3. Lets see: guy holding in despite being no better than a #2 WR. Guy holding in, despite whole new QB room, and desperately needing reps since will need stats as an FA NEXT yr. Guy holding in, despite Steelers drafting TWO more fleet WRs in April’s Draft. Yeah Diontae, this should turn out REAL well for you.

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