David Andrews practicing for Patriots Friday

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts
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Center David Andrews opened Patriots camp on the physically unable to perform list, but his absence from the practice field has come to an end.

Multiple reporters sent word that Andrews was in uniform and on the field with the rest of the team when they emerged from the locker room for Friday’s session. Quarterback Mac Jones made a beeline to welcome Andrews back to work as things got underway in New England.

Andrews had shoulder surgery in the offseason and said upon arriving to camp that the plan was to avoid rushing into anything after the operation.

Punter Jake Bailey was also on the field for Friday’s workout. Bailey had been on the non-football illness list.

12 responses to “David Andrews practicing for Patriots Friday

  1. Tom Brady is just a nice little system QB with a little arm who was suspended for cheating.

    I like my QB’s who don’t cheat and who can actually lead their teams to Super Bowls not leech of their superstar teammates to win rings and take all the credit.

  2. It will be super funny if Belichick can’t “coach up” a Patriots HOF since Brady left.

  3. Belichick coached up Mac Jones who many say has the lowest ceiling and a pee shooter arm to 10 wins and a pro bowl appearance while other rookies were bailing water.

  4. Looks like Belichick didn’t coach up Mac Jones as good as Rex Ryan coached up Mac Sanchez, or McCarthy coached up Aaron Rodgers.

  5. The knock on Andrews coming out of college was that he had short arms, which led to him being undrafted, and the Patriots picking him up as a free agent. I guess arm length isn’t the end-all be-all stat because it didn’t matter after all.

  6. Let’s compare rookie stats to see who was better

    Mark Sanchez: 12 TD, 20 INT, 53.8 cmp%, 2444 Yds, 32.8 QBR

    Mac Jones: 22 TD, 13 INT, 67.6 cmp%, 3801 Yds, 50.9 QBR

  7. Patriots will be in the cellar this season. Whoever said Jones was in shape must have meant for a quilting bee. I saw him the other day and thought he looked like he was a CPA or something. Put thick black framed glasses on him you would never say he was a football player. Defense is decimated, no offensive coordinator, no receivers, jumbled o line. Bad day at red Rock.

  8. Brady vs Jones.

    No one expects Jones to be the GOAT but he had a better statistical year in his rookie season than brady had in year 2. Brady sat and didn’t play in year 1.

    The anti Jones and Belichick talk is both foolish and tedious.

  9. Wow the fan club sounds so frustrated and triggered that I’m dissing their favorite cheater and will never give him any respect whatsoever. 😂😂😂

    Sorry cupcakes I don’t like cheating and cheaters and only treating cheaters the way they deserve. With scorn and contempt. And I haven’t even started yet just wait till the season starts 🙂

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