Kevin Stefanski on wait for Deshaun Watson ruling: We control what we can control

Cleveland Browns Mandatory Minicamp
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Anyone who thought that a ruling from Judge Sue L. Robinson on Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s suspension would come before training camp opened was disappointed earlier this week and the wait is now expected to drag into next week.

A report on Friday indicated that Robinson will not release her decision by the end of the week, which means the Browns are still waiting to find out how much of the season Watson will miss more than two weeks after his disciplinary hearing came to an end. At a Friday press conference, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski was asked about the difficulty of preparing for a season with as big an unknown as Watson’s availability as part of the picture.

“You control the controllables. I control what goes on on this field, so I do that. It’s important for me, all of us, to control what we can control,” Stefanski said, via 92.3 The Fan.

Part of what Stefanski can control is who will be taking the snaps if Watson is unavailable. Stefanski said this week that it will be Jacoby Brissett, but he’s still waiting for a ruling that will let him know how much time he needs to devote to making sure Brissett is ready for the assignment.

4 responses to “Kevin Stefanski on wait for Deshaun Watson ruling: We control what we can control

  1. When asked about the lack of a ruling on the Watson case, Stefanski should have gone with “Wow! Did you see that homework clause in the Murray contract? And then they rescind the clause? That’s just CRAZY, right??”

  2. He should have pulled a Belicheck and said: “We’re 100% focused on week one. I hear those panthers have a very talented new QB that we need to prepare for…”

  3. Yes…

    You can control what you can control..

    Too bad that doesn’t apply to doling out huge contracts to potential felons…

    Pretty sad how those things are OUT of teams control

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