On signing new deal, DK Metcalf says, “I’m excited to go back to practice”

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams
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Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf has officially signed his new contract. A four-year, $76.22 million deal that includes a record (for receivers) $30 million to sign and $43 million cash in hand by May 2023.

“This means a lot to me, for my future, my family’s future, my future with the Seahawks,” Metcalf said after putting his autograph on the contract, via the team’s official website. “It just means a lot, and it’s a blessing to get it done and behind me. I’m excited to go back to practice and rejoin the team fully.”

The challenge now for the Seahawks will be to make full use of Metcalf’s skills and abilities. Get the ball in his hands with jet sweeps and bubble screens. But him in the backfield. Use him like the 49ers use Deebo Samuel.

Far too often, the Seahawks simply send Metcalf on a pass route and hope he gets open. Targeted 129 times in each of the last two years, Metcalf had 83 catches for 1,303 yards in 2020 and 75 receptions for 967 yards in 2021. He has only three career rushing attempts.

To get proper value for the Metcalf deal, the Seahawks need to increase the times Metcalf has the ball in his hands. They need to use him like the 49ers use Deebo Samuel. Metcalf has the size and speed to be even more of a difference maker than he’s been.

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  1. Don’t be surprised if he’s more involved without Russ, not less.

    Geno targeted him more than Russ and regardless he may get a lot more touches on the quick passes Russ either couldn’t or wouldn’t throw.

    This offense will look different. Yet to see if it looks better or even good.

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