Raiders senior V.P. and general counsel Kevin Manara leaves the team after 10 months

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The Raiders have tried to stabilize a turbulent front office, but that hasn’t stopped the departures.

Senior V.P. and general counsel Kevin Manara has left the organization after 10 months on the job, according to Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal.

The move comes three weeks after Raiders owner Mark Davis hired Sandra Douglass Morgan as the team’s new president.

Manara arrived in September 2021, after Dan Ventrelle became acting team president. Manara filled the job Ventrelle had held before replacing former team president Marc Badain.

“I appreciate Kevin’s time and efforts,” Douglass Morgan said in an internal email, per Fischer. “As I begin my tenure as president, Kevin and I have mutually agreed that a fresh start makes sense for us both.”

It does indeed make sense. Generally speaking, the arrival of a new team president introduces the possibility of key changes. The fact that Manara worked for a regime that was connected to accounts of dysfunction and realities of instability makes the switch even less surprising.

Manara previously spent 13 years with the league office, where he worked for the NFL’s management council.

11 responses to “Raiders senior V.P. and general counsel Kevin Manara leaves the team after 10 months

  1. Trash franchise. Hasn’t won a playoff game in 2 decades.
    Mark should sell, he’s not his dad

  2. Not surprised to see this happening, a corrupt regime always begins to collapse towards the end. After this 4-13 losing season there will need to be major changes to correct the poor management and decisions that have created a desert dumpster fire.

  3. Can’t say this wasn’t obvious, more to resign as the Raiders castle comes tumbling down.

    5-12 season will bring more heads to floor. Time to start the rebuild process…again.

  4. The Raiders REALLY are the Lions of the AFC! Actually worse!!

  5. When your lead lawyer bails after only 10 months, it’s not a good sign that all is well with the Raiders

  6. This is expected as the article states. If I’m taking over, I’m bringing in my people. I don’t want leftovers with an ax to grind.

  7. Not surprised the Raiders general counsel has stepped away – the guy is probably exhausted from all the employment litigation.

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