Ron Rivera expects Chase Young to miss some regular season time

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Commanders defensive end Chase Young is currently on the physically unable to perform list as he continues to recover from last season’s torn ACL and it looks like his stay on that list will be on the longer side.

Head coach Ron Rivera was a guest on 106.7 The Fan on Friday morning and Young’s status was one of the topics of conversation during his appearance. Rivera said he likes how Young has been coming along and that he thinks the rehab process will benefit the 2020 first-round pick because it will allow him to focus on fundamentals that will help him be more successful as a pass rusher.

Rivera also said it will be some time before we see the results of that work on the field in the regular season.

“He’s probably going to miss a little bit of time,” Rivera said.

Washington opens with a home games against the Jaguars and Eagles sandwiched around a trip to Detroit. It will be October when that stretch is over and that may be the first time Young finds his way into the lineup.

16 responses to “Ron Rivera expects Chase Young to miss some regular season time

  1. It’s sad how so many promising careers are ruined by leg injuries. He’s probably going to make it back. But I doubt he’ll have the same ceiling.

  2. Rivera has a history of prolonging the inevitable when it comes to serious injuries. Last season, Curtis Samuel was week to week to week. Bareley played and should have just been put on season-ending injured reserve. He also did this in Carolina with McCaffrey and Kueley. All signs point to Young missing the season or most of it.

  3. He’s a heckuva player when healthy. My iggles would be very fortunate to avoid him in week 3

  4. This should have been expected. He blew out his ACL in mid-November, so it’s only been a little over 8 months. Anybody who thought he’d be ready to go by now is being unrealistic. Likewise, anybody who assumes his career is over or that he’ll be significantly diminished is unrealistic. ACL reconstructive surgery and rehab aren’t like they were 10 years ago, or even five years ago. The last thing the team needs to do is try to rush the process!

  5. The longer Chase’s career goes on, the better I’ll feel as a Giants fan for losing game 15 vs Washington in 2019 and losing the chance to draft him (which we would have).

  6. nunya says:
    July 29, 2022 at 9:50 am
    Karma for Rivera. The Commanders will be irrelevant this year (again).
    Karma for what?

  7. His career will be similar to Shawn Merrimen’s, these type of players need stronhg knees. He will go through afew injureies and surgeries which will take awy his burs making him irrelevant. Sad, guy WAS a beast. Short but sweet career. He can pull a Tony Bosselli and start beggingt o get into the HofF.

  8. bmorepositive123 says:
    July 29, 2022 at 9:57 am
    He’s a heckuva player when healthy. My iggles would be very fortunate to avoid him in week 3
    Tell me what game of the 9 games he played last season he was a heckuva player in. 21 tackles and 1.5 sacks in 9 games. Washington DE James Smith-Williams, a 7th round pick, put up similar numbers through similar snap counts just to put Young’s performance last season into context.

  9. If it was a QB and gave him a chance for a meaningless job prolonging win he’d roll him out week 1. Had a QB who literally could barely throw the ball 10 yards he started, same QB had a lisfranc injury in the preseason started week 1.

  10. He tore the ACL in November. Most humans need 10-12 months to return.
    No, AP was not human…

  11. They said pick him over Joe Burrow. Thats why you dont listen to “they” good luck to Chase though, Godspeed .

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