San Diego relocation lawsuit is dismissed

Kansas City Chiefs v San Diego Chargers
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The NFL likely will finish 2-1 in relocation lawsuits.

A judge in San Diego has dismissed the taxpayer action challenging the move of the Chargers to Los Angeles.

Beyond the obvious technical issues — including lack of legal standing and untimely filing of the claim — the judge found that the complaint does not allege specific facts that show how the NFL and the Chargers failed to engage in good-faith negotiations with San Diego. The decision points out that several ballot measures for funding a new stadium were attempted, but failed. Basically, San Diego had a chance to address the issues, and San Diego decided not to do so.

The decision will be subject to appeal, as decisions like this always are. Having the right to appeal and having real grounds to prevail on appeal are two very different concepts, however.

The league has prevailed to date in an antitrust action filed regarding the move of the Raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas. The only loss came in Missouri, where the relocation of the Rams ultimately cost $790 million in settlement.

2 responses to “San Diego relocation lawsuit is dismissed

  1. But the Spanos family avoided putting any money or work in the San Diego stadium. I mean, they had televisions from the 1980s throughout the stadium. They can’t reasonably argue they acted in good faith.

  2. It’s amazing that anything gets done in San Diego.
    The politicians down there are more screwed up than politicians anywhere else. And we know how bad they are around the country in general.

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