49ers, Deebo Samuel are “grinding through” contract talks

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The hold in of Seahawks receiver DK Metalf ended two days ago, when the receiver and the team that made him a second-round draft pick in 2019 worked out a new deal. The hold in of 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel continues, with no deal yet between the receiver and the team that made him a second-round draft pick in 2019.

San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan was asked for an update on Saturday.

“I know they’re grinding through it,” Shanahan told reporters. “That’s all I can share, but nothing’s been done yet, but I know they’re working hard on it.”

Given that Metcalf and Samuel are represented by the same agent (Tory Dandy of CAA), it would be easy to use the Metcalf deal as the template for Samuel. However, the 49ers may want something more than a three-year extension and a total deal of four years. Metcalf managed to get a shorter commitment than most players make.

Presumably, Samuel and the 49ers will get something done. At some point, the hold in needs to end. At some point, a player who has reported for work will be expected to do so. It’s a fairly new trend; eventually, there will be a player who refuses the team’s best offer, and the question then will be whether the player just plays under his current deal.

For now, there’s no reason to think that will be Samuel. As one source with knowledge of the dynamics recently explained it to PFT, the 49ers could manage to sign Samuel without dumping quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo‘s $25 million compensation package, depending on how they structure Samuel’s contract and other deals. Obviously, it becomes much easier if/when they unload Garoppolo.

10 responses to “49ers, Deebo Samuel are “grinding through” contract talks

  1. Garoppolo’s contract never had anything to do with whether or not they can sign Samuel. Paraag Marathe is one of the best in the business, and I’d be surprised if a deal isn’t done Sunday at the midnight hour.

  2. JG’s contract is directly effecting the ability for SF to extend Deebo. The 49ers have $5.1M in cap space. There is no way for Deebo to get a new deal until Jimmy is GONE. They can agree to terms, but Deebo isn’t getting his money until JG2P is out of town. I don’t know what world Kaepurnicus lives on, but it isn’t this one.

  3. They’re lying. The deal is agreed to but they don’t have cap space to announce. There’s no James Harden NBA danger, they just have to clear cap. The Giants made a legit offer but want to send Tyrod Taylor back (along with a pick). Cap space isn’t enough to make it work in terms of Deebo’s cap hit.

  4. touchback6 says:
    July 30, 2022 at 8:55 pm


    Lynch has got to go”

    Him and Shanahan are only gone if Trey Lance is a bust. The cap is on neither of them. It is more likely they announce Mike Shanahan’s official title than Lynch is let go. Like be serious and I’ll never like the 49ers.

  5. Yet another black player struggling through contract talks. And Kupp said he didn’t want any money and still got the most guaguaranteed dollars for a receiver ever. Must be nice.

  6. The 49ers talked to the Giants about Leonard Williams. There was no match. The Giants don’t want Garoppolo at his #. The Giants prefer to keep Williams this year and have Garrapolo sign a 2 year extension.

  7. The Giants I’m told said Leonard Williams is flat out not available in terms of a salary match for Garoppolo. The Giants did not tell SF they wouldn’t trade Williams. They were steadfast they want Garoppolo but at a lower cap #. If the 49ers want Leonard Williams, it’s likely in a separate deal.

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