Cowboys consider adding Takk McKinley

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Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn could soon be reuniting with another one of his former players from his time as head coach in Atlanta.

The Cowboys have brought veteran defensive end Takk McKinley to town for a visit.

“Obviously, we have him here for a reason,” Cowboys executive Stephen Jones said, via the team’s official website. “We’re very interested in him.”

A first-round pick in 2017 out of UCLA, McKinley exited the board at No. 26. The Cowboys took defensive end Taco Charlton with the very next selection.

“We had him in for [a pre-draft visit], loved him coming out,” Jones said of McKinley. “[Former Cowboys defensive coordinator] Rod [Marinelli] was a huge fan, and we were too, of the way he plays the game — play temperament, play style. And then of course the obvious, Dan coached him. We’ve got a lot of inside knowledge there, too. You can’t have enough guys who can rush the passer.”

McKinley spent 2017 through 2019 with the Falcons. He was released after the trade deadline in 2020, and he signed with the Raiders. Last year, McKinley played for the Browns.

A torn Achilles tendon suffered in December delayed the effort to continue his career.

In 60 regular-season games, with 27 start, McKinley has 20 career sacks. He had 2.5 with the Browns in 11 games last year.

The Cowboys lost Randy Gregory to the Broncos in free agency. They have DeMarcus Lawrence, Dorrance Armstrong, Sam William, Chauncey Golston, and Dante Fowler, among others. Linebacker Micah Parsons also could spend time lining up as a pass rusher, a role at which he excelled as a rookie in 2021.

4 responses to “Cowboys consider adding Takk McKinley

  1. A first round pick who’s only started less than half of the professional games he’s played could be considered a bust. He could be a nice situational addition if he stays healthy. The ACL is a worry since it saps most players of their athleticism and being an edge rusher he needs to have confidence in his knees. A lot of these D linemen and LBs get drafted high but never live up to anything. He fits that mold. Depth is all he is at this point. He can give better players a breather is all.

  2. Now they need to sign Vic Beasley to add to Fowler and Mckinley and they’ll have all the Falcons’ recent pass-rusher busts.

  3. Go for it. The kid is still very young. A bit of bad luck. We’re not expecting him to be the premiere impact high block buster FA player. Just contribute to the rotation. You’ll be well rested off the bench and surrounded with positive good talent. If you saw his draft speech, you know he loves the game and his grandma. This move can be very good for Takk and Dallas. The kid has something to prove. If Quinn can revive his career in Dallas, so can Takk.

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