Jerry Jones: Ezekiel Elliott “has to be the focus” of the Cowboys running game


At a time when many believe the star is fading for Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot and rising for Cowboys running back Tony Pollard, the man who writes the checks has a different viewpoint.

Appearing on NFL Network, owner Jerry Jones said that Elliott “has to be the focus” of the team’s running back game. “He has to be the focal point,” Jones said. “There is room for Pollard while Zeke is in there.”

Pollard is expected to play some receiver, lining up in the slot. Still, Pollard was widely viewed as the better option in the running game last year.

Maybe that’s because Elliott was fighting through a knee injury. Regardless, there’s no way the Cowboys would be paying Elliott $12.4 million this year if the salary hadn’t become fully guaranteed in 2021. And there’s no way they’ll pay him $10 million next year unless he has a year on par with his rookie season.

Meanwhile, Pollard may not be thrilled about the plan, as it was articulated by the team’s owner. Pollard enters the final year of his rookie contract, at a mere $969,000 in total pay. The more he does in 2022, the more interest he’ll have on the open market.

A cynic would wonder whether Jones wants to de-emphasize Pollard for that reason alone. Grind up Zeke this year, cut him after the season, and sign Pollard for less than he’d get if had a big season in his contract year.

28 responses to “Jerry Jones: Ezekiel Elliott “has to be the focus” of the Cowboys running game

  1. Just watch somehow Jerry will manage to find a way to screw things up and we’ll lose Pollard to free agency and he’ll re-sign Elliot.

  2. Dont think Zeke should be cut. He is still a good player. They should see (depending on his performance this year and if the same as last year) see if he will take a pay cut. If he does then use some of that money to give Pollard a deal. If he doesn’t then he would have be to cut.

  3. Every year it’s the same nonsense from Jerruh, and then we get treated to the same delusional ranting from Cowboys fans. For years Dallas had a so so quarterback throwing to the best receiver in the league who was in his prime. Oh we’re gonna dominate. Romo has the ultimate weapons, and the best offensive line in the game. Then nothing. Romo finally gets shown the door and here comes Dak. Same thing starts all over again. Some of the best receivers in the game. A stout offensive line with an excellent run game, but alas it’s the same storyline. Oh just wait you’ll see we’ll be right back here next season listening to Dallas fans lament that one injury, or that bad call that caused them to lose a close game…just wait till next year we’re gonna dominate…. You’ll see we’re Americas team…Wahahahaha Oh Dallas Dallas Dallas

  4. As an Eagles fan, I can not even begin to say how happy it makes me to read this. While we have our own question mark (Hurts) to keep an eye on, I still see the division coming down to Dallas and Philly. However the one Dallas player who worries me is Pollard. If JJ continues to inject his opinion on how things should go, that will make Dallas that much more vulnerable. I say listen to Jerruh and FEED ZEEK!!!.

  5. He’s an idiot. Pollard is so clearly the better back. Wasting pollards prime years by forcing Zeke and his one yard in a cloud of dust style. Terrible.

  6. Meanwhile, all other successful teams do plug and play by committee to keep cap coats dowm.

    Jerry Jones is one of the biggest morons in the NFL.

  7. Pollard is more dangerous with the ball in his hands but Zeke is a better blocker and thumper up the middle. When’s the last time we saw his little “feed me” celebration? He used to be a top 5 back now he’s probably not even considered the best on his team. RBs complain about money and the length of contracts they’re offered but these are the guys who make it so hard for others to get paid. I’m not saying he’s completely packed it in since his raise but he definitely hasn’t lived up to the money.

  8. WASTING the talent that is Pollard. Feed Him was done two years ago, same old boyz.

  9. Dallas Cowboys are the Kardashians of the NFL.
    Lots of hype, make a gazillion dollars, but never worth watching or caring about.

  10. I’d add my usual snarky comment on who a dolt Jerry has devolved into but the above comments pretty much sum up Jerry and his delusion quite well.

  11. What a surprise another member the media bashing Dallas. I think you all just follow Stephen a Smith as he’s made a living off of it.

  12. Isn’t the coach and his assistants supposed to be making those decisions? Hehehe…

  13. The last first round running back to win a Super Bowl on their second contract with the team that drafted them was???? Bueller, Bueller.

  14. as long as Jj is the owner Dallas will be mediocre and Shawn Payton would be insane to go tot he cowboys if Payton wants to keep his legacy and reputation intact.

  15. Zeke might not be the better running back at this stage of his career, but I guarantee you he fills more seats in Dallas. That seems to be what’s most important to Jerry.

  16. So glad Jones is not the owner for the team I root for. Constant interference, mediocre GM.
    He’s going to insist Elliott gets the carries and Cowboys run game gets stuffed and with no WR to speak of, other than Lamb, defenses shut down that passing offense. Meanwhile, Pollard rusts on the sideline.
    Next year they’ll lose Pollard to FA and cut Elliott and will have no RBs left (to go with no WRs except Lamb).
    It’s wonderful to see cowboys flounder.

  17. In the last 25 years, the Cowboys have won (3) playoff games. The only teams in the last 25 years to win less playoff games are Washington (2), Cleveland (1), and Detroit (0)!

  18. Zeke Elliott is way to busy counting Jerry’s gift ($$$$$$) an playing with his Pit Bulls to pay attention.

  19. Two things:(1) The talent of Dallas’ players is often overblown in proportion to the exceed hype the team gets; (2) Zeke’s production decline can be proportionally attributed to the decline in a once NFL best O-line.

  20. So in other words, I overpaid Zeke and need you to force him the ball to the detriment of the team cause then I won’t look like I screwed up. Jerry’s ego is unmatched.

  21. Then you are going to get behind in most of all of yur games and Dak is going to have to try and dig you out all season long. He’s not the same player he was a few years ago.

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