Lincoln Riley vouches for Kyler Murray’s work ethic

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To cap a week in which the Cardinals unnecessarily called quarterback Kyler Murray‘s work ethic into question, his college coach defended the Heisman Winner, based on his time at Oklahoma.

Riley, speaking at a press conference in his new capacity as head coach at USC, said that Murray’s work ethic “was a big concern,” via Greg Beacham of the Associated Press.

“I was really concerned when I had him at OU that he was gonna burn himself out,” Riley added. “I don’t know why the clause was in there, but having him for three years, I never worried. His work ethic is one thing I’ll never question.”

No one knows specifically why the clause was added to Murray’s contract. (It supposedly has been removed.) As previously explained, the Cardinals were concerned that Murray hadn’t worked hard enough in the past or that, once given a gigantic second contract, he’d stop working as hard. It’s also possible that owner Michael Bidwill simply wanted to make a power play aimed at reminding Murray that, despite his salary, Bidwill remains the boss.

Regardless, it was the kind of unforced error that creates a weeklong distraction at best, irreparable harms relationships at worst. Time will tell which bucket the Cardinals’ blunder falls into.

16 responses to “Lincoln Riley vouches for Kyler Murray’s work ethic

  1. Lincoln Riley…still trying to sell ice water to eskimos if it means getting recruits and booster money to OU….

  2. Sure, because there’s no possible way that Murray changed the way he “prepared” once he got to the NFL, right? Smh. If he was preparing the way a professional NFL QB should be, the clause would have never been in the contract in the first place. If he didn’t know about the clause when he signed the original contract, it’s his fault AND his agent’s fault. Chances are they BOTH knew about it and Murray’s response is because his family, friends, and/or teammates noted what a bad look that clause was for him.

  3. I think the kid that sat behind Kyler in 10th grade biology needs to chime in on his work ethic. I heard Kyler did all work no thanks to his lab partner.

  4. Lincoln Riley you say? The dude that was talking out the side of his neck on national TV? I’m not sure that’s a good vouch…

  5. The unforced error was the cardinals signing him to any contract, let alone that mega deal. The clause was an attempt to patch their mistake. There’s a big difference between someone working hard at practice then lazing around at home, vs football being their life and it isnt for Murray as he stated. Its a tough expectation but its what QBs have to do or the lack of preparedness shows in games, like Murray’s panic pick six in the playoffs.

  6. The guy who quit on his college team before the season was over vouches for someone’s work ethic. That’s pretty cute.

  7. The cardinals aren’t worried about the time he spent in meetings it was his “independent study” that they were worried about

  8. Unnecessarily called his work ethic into question? They mandated he watch more film after agreeing to pay him, what, a quarter of a billion dollars? And he signed it? And now we’re pretending this is some outrage? He agreed with it enough to sign it. No tears should be shed for this guy.

  9. Of course Riley vouches for hm. Easy to make plays against hapless Big 12 defenses and win another Heisman for OU. Murray thinks his special “cognitive abilities” will get him by in the NFL. Murray is wrong and Cards had to make that very clear to him.

  10. Last season, In Murray’s third year, on several occasions, the Cardinals new center Rodney Hudson would turn to Murray
    during the snap count to inform him what the defense was going to do after the snap. Several times it was going to be cover zero (all out blitz). Murray was able to change the play and take advantage of Hudson’s experience.
    On 2 occasions Murray is on record talking to reporters, explaining why it’s
    not that important (in his opinion) for him to spend a lot of time watching film.

    Watching and reacting during the play is not the same as knowing beforehand what is likely to transpire.

    That’s the area Murray’s clause was meant to address and why watching film of the defensive tendencies of next week’s opponent is > than playing video games.

    Any fan that ever watched Kurt Warner
    immediately throw to an open man behind
    the area vacated by a blitzer knows what’s up.

  11. Murray must have agreed that he needs to spend time stydying. He is the one who signed the clause into his contract.

  12. I remember Michael Vick saying how he didn’t study film, and Peyton Manning studied a lot of film, I would say the differance in outcomes for both of their study habits speak for themselves.

  13. You don’t get better working on your strengths but rather on your weaknesses. Murray’s weakness is his poor pocket skills and the answer isn’t in the weight room but in the video room. And I don’t mean playing Dead Red Redemption. Everyone likes showing off what they can do, but fixing your weaknesses is work.

  14. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again; the kid was ROY in year one the pro bowl in year two and three. The kid is doing something right. That o line was awful in the playoff loss to the Rams, it can’t all be put on Kyler.

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