Mason Rudolph has “a great shot” at winning Steelers’ QB job, OC Matt Canada says

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Mitch Trubisky is widely viewed as the favorite in the Steelers’ quarterback competition, unless rookie Kenny Pickett exceeds expectations in training camp. But there’s a third quarterback in the mix in Pittsburgh, and Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada says that quarterback, Mason Rudolph, is being given every opportunity to win the job.

Canada said on 93.7 The Fan that Rudolph is very much in contention to win the job.

“Mason’s getting the second reps right now, almost equal to, maybe slightly less than Mitch. He’s being given a very fair shot. To this point in camp, it might have been exactly equal. Mason has made a lot of plays at times, he’s played very well at times for us. He’s got a great shot at it. He’s being treated that way. His history with our plays, with our system, is a positive for him,” Canada said.

Rudolph is heading into his fourth season with the Steelers, while Trubisky and Pickett are both newcomers, and Rudolph has started 10 games in Pittsburgh. Rudolph is more of a known quantity to the Steelers’ coaching staff, which might give him an edge, although the reality is that the Steelers will be disappointed if neither Trubisky nor Pickett looks good enough in camp to beat out Rudolph.

38 responses to “Mason Rudolph has “a great shot” at winning Steelers’ QB job, OC Matt Canada says

  1. If they can’t get Trubisky or Pickett coached up to be a minimally capable starter, something has gone badly wrong. It’s not like Rudolph is a rookie of unknown quality. Rudolph is a third-team/USFL/XFL type. I don’t believe Matt Canada for a second.

  2. I think we’ve seen enough of Mason Rudolph to know that’s not going to happen.

  3. If Rudolph is so good why get Trubisky? Rudolph is not good. Career backup QB. Just stop.

  4. If this is true and Pickett can’t beat out these two bums, then what a horrible first round pick.

  5. What is this comedy hour? If Rudolph wins the Job, the Steelers will come in 3rd place, at BEST, in the AFC North. He’s no Big Ben, that’s for sure!

  6. If Canada had confidence in Rudolph, the Steelers wouldn’t have gone QB shopping

  7. Steelers first move in free agency was to get a QB and their first move in the draft was to get a QB. So who does Canada think he’s fooling?

  8. This would be a an all around disappointing result for the Steelers. Having watched Rudolph its hard to imagine him improving enough that it could be a good thing to have him start.

  9. Sorry Steeler fans. Not exactly something to look forward to. I was hoping Baker would land in Pittsburgh. He would give a kidney to beat the Browns. He also plays my Ravens really well.

  10. Outside of an injury, Rudolph will not be a Steeler this season. If they feel a little hype helps them get a 5th rounder in trade rather than cutting him, they can try. There is enough tape on Rudoolph that teams won’t bite because an awful OC says he is having a great camp.

  11. Mason Rudolph is better than people think. He came back too early from a nasty concussion. Everyone cites the Lions game as some example of him being terrible because they lost, but A: It wasn’t his idea to come in cold and throw 70 times in the rain and B: He drove them into scoring position TWICE only to have it fumbled away.

  12. Rudolph has 10 career starts. Trubisky has over 50 career starts. The key to QB success is the ability to read defenses, and that mainly comes through experience. A QB’s first 10 career starts are not usually indicative of his true ability. For instance, Troy Aikman was 0-11 in his first 11 starts, before going on to win 3 super bowls. Believe me, he didn’t look good in his first ten starts. Plenty of super bowl winning QB’s won those trophies after they were traded away from their original team. Obviously, the teams that traded them away didn’t realize how good they’d actually become once they got more experience. Tampa Bay didn’t give Steve Young time to develop, and he became a HOFer after he figured it out once traded to San Francisco. Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, and Jim Plunkett fit into that category, too. They all won super bowls after being traded or cut. Go watch tape of Josh Allen’s first ten starts and compare it to the QB he’s become. It’s night and day. If you’re evaluating a QB after his first ten starts, you shouldn’t be in the QB evaluating business. I think the Steelers have 3 good QB’s. Kenny Pickett will eventually be the starter. I think the eventual depth chart would be Pickett – Rudolph – Trubisky. If you had to win a game today, Trubisky might be the most capable. If Rudolph had 50 starts, he’d easily be the guy. Pickett should eventually become the starter, but I wouldn’t just give the other two away for free. Should be interesting to see how it unfolds, and how the Steelers handle it. But they have 3 QB’s who are all capable of winning in the NFL, and winning big. Big Ben is gone, but their QB depth chart is awesome right now.

  13. They need someone to step up. Let’s not chase Pickett away just yet. He hasn’t played a down. Give him time. Remember they had probably the best draft in the league in 2021. They’re on the right track.

  14. Canada is history if he picks Rudolph. Haven’t the Steelers seen enough of him to know he’s not it? I’d go with the rookie before Rudolph. He’s not a leader, he’s a me guy.

  15. steelerfan9598 says:
    July 30, 2022 at 9:03 am
    Mason Rudolph is better than people think. He came back too early from a nasty concussion. Everyone cites the Lions game as some example of him being terrible because they lost, but A: It wasn’t his idea to come in cold and throw 70 times in the rain and B: He drove them into scoring position TWICE only to have it fumbled away.
    Not to mention giving up approximately 648 yards on the ground through the middle of the defense in the 2nd half. Rudolph didn’t lose that game for the Steelers.

  16. As Oprah would say to everyone; Youre the starting QB, Youre the starting QB, Youre the starting QB…

  17. Let’s hope this is some pathetic attempt by the Steelers acting like there’s value for Rudolph so they can shop him.

  18. By my simple mathematics he has a one in three chance. They said that unlike prior years where Ben was the designated starter from the get go that they were going to allow a QB competition bring out the best in their available guys. Nobody has the nod. The guy who plays best by the end of camp/preseason is the starter in September.

    Why would someone get the job if he was less than the best?

  19. If Mason Rudolph wins that QB competition, stick a fork in the Steelers. I’ve seen him play, I’d start any other QB on their roster, even the camp arm before him. Given no one has even been mentioning him before today, it might be the team is trying to drum up trade interest before the start of the week 1.

  20. I think any sane person views Pickett as the favorite. And Rudolph as likely to be cut. But since I hate the Steelers it’s encouraging news if they think otherwise

  21. any time the word “shot” is used in any context of potential starting quarterback competition, it means they’re not the starting quarterback any everyone knows it except the person who’s attempting to get the job.

  22. Seemed like they went out of their way this offseason/draft to find someone other than Mason Rudolph to be the starting QB. Regardless they need to go with whoever wins it outright.

    I figured it would be Trubisky on day 1 eventually giving way to Pickett unless Trubisky overachieves/Pickett underachieves. Or Pickett right out of the gate. Rudolph would have been my last choice.

  23. Rudolph has had his chances in years prior when Ben was injured. He left a lot to be desired during those starts. The only leg up he has on the other two is his familiarity with the offense. He’s a good fall back but if he’s starting games for you then you don’t really know where your team is headed. His biggest highlight in the NFL is getting smacked with his own helmet and that’s not really what you’re looking for in a starting QB I’d assume.

  24. Rudolph is a bad QB. He’s a good backup but he’s not someone you want starting, he’s not good enough to keep PIT in games over 17 weeks. If neither Trubisky or Pickett can beat out Mason then they have some serious issues. I’m not buying it, I think Trubisky starts the first 6-10 weeks of the season before Pickett eventually takes over somewhere between WK6-WK10 once Canada n Tomlin feel comfortable enough with him to give him the keys to the offense.

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