DeAndre Hopkins: NFL PED policy is too black and white, I tested positive for trace amount

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Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins will miss the first six games of the season because of a positive test for a performance-enhancing substance, but Hopkins doesn’t think that’s right.

Hopkins doesn’t deny that he tested positive for the banned substance Ostarine, but he says he had only a very small amount in his system, doesn’t know how he could have ingested it, and thinks the NFL ought to look at extenuating circumstances when disciplining players.

“I’ve never taken any of that kind of stuff,” Hopkins said, via “If you know about what it is, it can be in shampoo, it can be in a lot of different things. Obviously the NFL is very black and white, so of course, I wish the rule wasn’t so black and white. It is what it is. It’s hard to know when something gets contaminated at a trace amount when you’re not working at the manufacturing company.”

Hopkins maintains that anyone can get a small amount of a banned substance in his system without knowing it.

“It’s hard to know what you can eat, what you can do when you’re not in control of manufacturing anything or what goes through a conveyor belt, you know what I’m saying?” Hopkins said. “So, obviously, I do think that rules should change. But like I said, that stuff, it’ll work itself out, and I’ve never taken anything. I barely take vitamins.”

Hopkins has been making similar comments since his suspension was first reported, but the reality is Hopkins’ union and the NFL both agreed to the PED policy, and there’s just not a lot of wiggle room for players to say they don’t know how they consumed a banned substance. If you test positive for a performance-enhancing substance, even for a trace amount, you’re suspended.

27 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins: NFL PED policy is too black and white, I tested positive for trace amount

  1. Would have more respect if these players when caught just take the Andy Pettitte approach and admit the obvious.

  2. DeAndre. The banned drugs were NOT in your shampoo. You got caught. Live with it.

  3. I would pay good money, to watch meat covered robots. No substance should be banned.

  4. Blatant cheater and now have to rethink if it was his doping that got him all those stats, which should now be asterisked for being a cheater.

  5. “It’s hard to know what you can eat, what you can do when you’re not in control of manufacturing anything or what goes through a conveyor belt, you know what I’m saying?”

    I had to look ostarine up. Never heard of it, but after my Wikipedia education, the odds of this just accidentally falling into a frozen pizza or a candy bar is well south of zero.

    Just accept your punishment like a man.

  6. If the rule isn’t black and white there is no rule here. Positive test equals suspension. Otherwise why even have a PED policy? Every player who fails a test would just feign ignorance and no suspensions would be issued.

  7. ostarine .. it’s a bodybuilding drug, but hey ,it might have accidentally got put on that mushroom ,extra cheese .and pepperoni pizza you ordered last year. It happens.

  8. Investigate the TB12 Center and test Tommy again and again.


  9. Shouldn’t be so black and white so I can blur the lines and you can make exceptions for me because I’m an elite? Yeah sounds about how America works now with our justice system. The law gets manipulated by lawyers and is circumvented so that their expensive clients can pay for them to do their scumbaggery. Hate to say it but you have to respect countries like Russia who don’t play favorites so if your guilty your guilty period. I guess when you’ve never been told no, you have a hard time grasping why and that it must be some mistake. That is privilege right there.

  10. His test was positive. He needs to just own it. Doesn’t matter how it got into his system. It did,and he’s suspended.

  11. mrbigass says:
    July 31, 2022 at 5:48 pm

    It was Prell. The hard stuff….


    Prell has it’s uses:
    1: When you forget your shampoo in college, there’s always some Prell on the ledge. The owner doesn’t want to be seen with it, so it’s left behind.
    2: You hair gets used to one type of shampoo. One ‘dose’ of Prell and you can start anew.
    3: You can strip the wax off your car.
    4: Keep applying and you can strip the paint off your car.

  12. touchback6 says:
    July 31, 2022 at 2:06 pm
    These Millennials just don’t get basic rules of life.


    Edelman and Ninkovich included!!!

  13. Just own it and stop trying to explain it away,D-Hop. As you said yourself,”it is what it is”. Funny how guys who test positive never seem to know how it got into their system.

  14. In his shampoo? Well that explains why he has been Head n Shoulders above the rest of the league…. badumpbump. Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Please tip the wait staff…

  15. Between Hopkins and Murray, the Cards will lead the league in excuses this season,

  16. If you’re going to use PEDs and try to game the system, OWN IT if you get caught. People are willing to give most of these guys second chances but just fess up – many were willing to move on after the likes of Julian Edelman and Shawne Merriman got popped, for example. But nobody believes this garbage, and unfortunately for Hopkins because of this positive PED test, the legitimately of his entire career will now be questioned.

  17. “The entire Cardinals organization blames someone else for their misdeeds.”

    Yeah… blaming someone else NEVER works…

    The New England Patriots

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