Jerry Jones: I get to make the decision on when Jimmy Johnson goes in the Ring of Honor

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Only two Pro Football Hall of Famers who spent most of their careers with the Cowboys are not in the team’s Ring of Honor. Owner Jerry Jones went into the Pro Football of Fame in 2017, and former coach Jimmy Johnson earned a spot in Canton in 2020.

Jones makes up the one-man committee that controls the inductees into the team’s Ring of Honor. Last August, before the pandemic-delayed induction ceremony, Jones agreed to put in Johnson.

A year later, Johnson’s name still isn’t on the facade at AT&T Stadium.

Newy Scruggs of NBCDFW asked Jones a question about that Sunday, telling the owner it seemed “very petty” for Johnson not to be in the Ring of Honor.

“It’s BS for anybody to be making anything (of that),” Jones said. “I’ve said I’m going to put him in. Now, when I put him in, and the circumstances and what I do with that, there’s a lot more than Jimmy to think about here, and I’ve got a lot of other lives out here that have laid a lot on the line on the field that need to be in that Ring of Honor as well. And so how I do that, what I do it with, I get to make that decision, and it isn’t at the end of the day all tailored around whether Jimmy is sniveling or not.”

Johnson hasn’t coached the Cowboys since 1993.

Johnson and Jones’ relationship ended contentiously when they agreed to split after the Cowboys repeated as Super Bowl championships. The Cowboys won a third Super Bowl in the decade, in 1995, with Barry Switzer as the head coach.

It’s obvious by Jones’ quote Sunday that all is not Kumbaya between the former Arkansas teammates.

“I’ll be very sensitive and be very appreciative of what Jimmy is, but it’s too much to say, ‘Well, that is the thing that gets up and goes to bed at night when we think about the Ring of Honor’ as to Jerry and Jimmy’s relationship,” Jones said. “Jerry and Jimmy were two of the luckiest guys that’s ever been on this earth to get to be sitting here having this talked about if you want to know the truth about it.”

Jones did present Johnson his Hall of Fame ring during halftime of a game last season.

36 responses to “Jerry Jones: I get to make the decision on when Jimmy Johnson goes in the Ring of Honor

  1. The man has had one too many facelifts! He’ll put Zeke in before he gives Jimmy the honor and credit he deserves! He might even put Switzer in first!

  2. It’s been almost 30 years since Jimmy coached the Cowboys and Jerruh is still dawdling about putting him in the ring of honor? Lame.

  3. The Giants are the same way. Mara finally relented and let Leonard Marshall in. He hasn’t with Keith Hamilton and Brandon Jacobs because of the archiac standards.

  4. Jurrah is such a pathetically weak and arrogant little rich man. His team could have been so incredibly successful over the decades, but unfortunately he considered himself a football genius. May he never make the playoffs again.

  5. Yeah, but Jimmy got you two of the rings and his team carried Switzer to a third, which by the way are all the rings you got as owner. So I think he’d be elevated above all these other players you’re thinking of. Geez…..

  6. jones is a pathetic figure really. yea lots of money, but such a small man. and what does it get him? a tortured existance constantly reaffirming through his failure that johnson was behind the success.

  7. Is there a more overrated guy than Jones, other than belichick, in the NFL! What a blowhard. If not for Jimmy he’d be a nobody in NFL.
    Sorry for you cowboys fans.

  8. I’m sure Johnson couldn’t give a rat’s behind about if or when Jerry puts him in! Everyone knows he was responsible for turning that franchise around and all of those super bowls. And I’m a Washingoton fan!

  9. Imagine Karma being so real, that all Jerry needed to do was put Jimmy Johnson in 20+ years ago & he’d have 2-4 more SuperBowls over that span. He still hasn’t & ZERO to show for it!

  10. How petty! I used to be a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan during the Tom Landry days. Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Thomas Hollywood Henderson, Ed “Too Tall” Jones and Drew Pearson were my guys! Once the Jerry Jones coup overthrew Coach Landry and his legacy, I INSTANTLY became a FORMER Cowboys fan. MAINLY because of one egomanical idiot: JERRY JONES! And nothing’s changed. He owes a huge debt of gratitude to Jimmy Johnson. By keeping him out of the Ring of Honor, that’s another pathetic, jealous Jerry power play. I can’t wait until his first name is FORMER COWBOYS OWNER Jerry Jones!

  11. Jerry fantasizes about winning a Super Bowl first so he can show the world it wasn’t all Jimmy.

  12. Petty little man. Vindictive and spiteful to his own college roommate and teammate

  13. We all knew he was an egomaniacal, petty, small man but these comments take it to a whole new level. In hindsight it seems obvious that Jerry’s conciliatory comments when Jimmy was inducted into the HOF were only a means to keep the focus on Jerry. He wanted to share in the limelight as always.

    Everyone with a pulse knows who was responsible for the success of Cowboys in the 90’s- and who is responsible for their mediocrity since.

    I hope Jerry never even sniffs the playoffs again in his fleeting lifetime.

  14. Jones is just unreal in regards to his ego and pettiness. And he should have to give his own HOF jacket to Jimmy Johnson, as Jimmy is the one who got him everything he has today.

    Seriously, subtract Jimmy Johnson from cowboys history, and tell me with a straight face what Jerry Jones has accomplished.

  15. Jerry Jones is a nut! If it weren’t for Jimmy Johnson the Cowboys would not have won a Super Bowl since 1978! JJ is in the NFL Hall of Fame I’m sure he’s at peace with not being in some demented lunatic’s good graces.

  16. jerry as he gets older wants people to forget that the only super bowls his team ever won were won by the team jimmy built. jerry can say what he wants, the only success he ever had in the league (other than financial) was due to jimmy johnson. so no amount of egotistical blather can cover up that fact, and it eats at jerry every day.

  17. Im not sure how reporters asking him about something constitutes “jimmy sniveling about it”. Based on that response I would suggest the reasoning is entirely personal pettiness over their differences no matter how he tries to say otherwise.

  18. I hope Sean Payton is watching this closely. Despite his friendship with Jones, he would be absolutely crazy to take the Cowboys job, especially after having what amounted to complete control with the Saints, and an owner who stayed totally out of the way. Johnson essentially got fired, and Parcells had enough and walked away after only four seasons. Even if Payton took the job and managed to win a Lombardi for the Cowboys, it will still not be enough to protect him from Jones.

  19. My guess is GM and owner and chief medical officer, Jerruh, won’t put Johnson in the ring while Jones is breathing and there will be a stipulation in his will to block it. This man is the King of Petty.

  20. Jerry doesn’t want to induct Jimmy while the Cowboys stink because it will put his 25 years of failure without Jimmy in the forefront. He is holding out for a Super Bowl run before doing it, which under his circus clown leadership, will never happen.

  21. I really thought Jerruh was a better person than that, but really, Jimmy’s in the NFL HOF, do you seriously think the Cowboys ring of honor is that big of a deal? Probably the only folks that do live in Texas or work for the Cowboys.

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