AJ Brown: Four receivers got similar contracts, I’m the only one who got traded

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AJ Brown, the wide receiver who was traded during the draft because the Titans wouldn’t meet his contractual demands and the Eagles would, says subsequent wide receiver contracts have proven that his contract request was not excessive.

Brown wrote on Twitter that his own contract was very similar to the ones later signed by 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel, Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf and Commanders receiver Terry McLaurin. According to Brown, that’s proof that he was only asking for the fair market value for a receiver of his stature, and that the Titans were the only team unwilling to pay.

“Basically all 4 of us got the same contract and I’m the only one got traded,” Brown wrote. “Yeah keep believing it was me. Anywho Go Birds.”

All four receivers got contracts that averaged around $25 million a year and guaranteed about $57 million. Brown had the highest average but also had an extra year on his deal, which means he has to wait an extra year to hit free agency. They were similar contracts for receivers in similar stages of their careers, and Brown sees it as a reflection on the Titans that they weren’t willing to pay.

10 responses to “AJ Brown: Four receivers got similar contracts, I’m the only one who got traded

  1. Why are all these WR’s this insecure? AJ got forced a trade and got his money but still feels the need to dis his old team. It’s amazing that this position seems to have the most me first, primadonna types than any other position. smh

  2. That should tell you something. You are not worth it. Only the Eagles were desperate enough to overpay you.

  3. Actually it could mean one of two things. Either the Titans didnt feel a wide receiver is worth that salary or they could have felt you weren’t worth that type of salary. In either case, you got the money you wanted from another team – stop focusing on your old team, and focus on your new one.

  4. It’s the team’s prerogative to sign and pay for the players they value. It’s obvious that the Titans didn’t value a wide receiver at that salary level. Just because the other receivers signing for big money stayed with their teams has no reflection on the Titans. Seems like AJ is going down the “they don’t respect me” path. Good luck with that. Concentrate on playing for the Eagles.

  5. AJ – your reaction proves your demands were excessive. Now go into a corner and cry yourself to sleep.

  6. The only reason Brown mentioned the contracts is because Titans fans have been labeling him selfish and greedy for not taking less money to stay in Tennessee. He’s not dissing his old team, he’s not being a prima donna, he hasn’t said the team didn’t respect him. He just wanted fair market value the same as any employee anywhere. The Titans preferred having draft picks, the Eagles preferred having Brown, and Brown preferred being paid fairly. End of story.

  7. It was him. The Titans were in no way looking to trade Brown before he started showing out. Had he waited, played out his deal, the Titans would have (most likely) been out from under Tannehill’s contract, and would have been able to pay him. He couldn’t wait, though… and Robinson called his bluff.

  8. He just saying that he’s been telling the truth the whole time. He was accused of just wanting to get paid, asking for too much, etc. But the reality is, he was just asking for fair compensation.

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