Alvin Kamara court hearing delayed 60 days

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A scheduled hearing in the battery case against Saints running back Alvin Kamara was set to take place on Monday, but it was pushed back by two months.

David Charns of KLAS reports that a judge in Las Vegas agreed to delay the hearing 60 days after lawyers for Kamara and three other defendants, including Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons, requested the postponement. It is the second time that the hearing has been delayed.

Kamara was not in the courtroom as he was taking part in Saints practice at the time of the proceedings in Nevada. Any delays in the time it takes for the legal process to play out will also affect the amount of time that Kamara will remain available to the Saints this season. If the NFL waits for the criminal case to run its course before handing out any discipline, Kamara may remain available for the entire season.

Kamara and the other men are accused of punching a man during an altercation in Las Vegas before the Pro Bowl earlier this year.

2 responses to “Alvin Kamara court hearing delayed 60 days

  1. Based on Watson’s punishment, Kamara should only have to sit out a commercial break.

  2. Is Kamara even on suspension? You’d think the NFL would be harder on violent offenses.

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