Commanders have “some concern” about Curtis Samuel’s conditioning

Washington Football Team and the New Orleans Saints
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Wide receiver Curtis Samuel was limited to five games in his first season with the Commanders and the start to this year’s training camp hasn’t done much to inspire confidence that he’ll be roaring back in 2022.

Samuel was working on a side field on Monday and head coach Ron Rivera said that call was made because the team has “some concern as far as just his overall football conditioning and shape” after reporting to camp. Rivera also said that Samuel’s hamstrings and lower back were tight, but did his best to allay any fears that Samuel will be spending more time on the shelf than on the field again this season.

“The ultimate goal is really the regular season more than anything else,” Rivera said, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post. “This has nothing to do with last year’s groin injury or anything like that. This is just about the plan for him specifically.”

The Commanders took wide receiver Jahan Dotson in the first round of this year’s draft in a move that doesn’t eliminate the need for Samuel to be healthy and productive, but it does leave them better equipped in the event Samuel is unable to provide more of a boost than he gave the offense in 2021.

14 responses to “Commanders have “some concern” about Curtis Samuel’s conditioning

  1. Really? Last year didn’t give you a clue? I could see he was worthless and should not have been brought back this year.

  2. Part of being a professional football player is keeping yourself in top physical shape. Some players just don’t understand this or they simply do not care.
    THIS is why NFL teams need contractual protections against lazy players like this.

  3. It’s interesting that teams are comfortable saying a player is out of shape (and for good reason), but aren’t allowed to say that a player has poor study habits. How many of them coasted through high school and college without having learned study habits in classes or needing to study to compete against college-skill players they’d compete against? Isn’t studying game film, and then preparing for what the opponent will do, a common characteristic of the best NFL players?

  4. All the players have yet to get into “Football Conditiong” they are not in full pads yet. I see many are fooled by the media’s twist of Rivera’s words. Be smarter people. The media decieves. Whats even funnier is the emotion people have when reading media deception lol

  5. Commoders already flushing their season away! THANKS FOLKS, I WILL BE HERE ALL DAY, TIP YOU WAITER!

  6. This falls squarely on the shoulders of Ron Rivera. He insisted on bring everyone he could from Carolina when they weren’t any better than Washington!

  7. Has he ever been in training camp? It seems every year he has a “minor” injury (except last year).

    I’m not trolling, has he ever made it to camp? I want to say he’s made 1 camp and that’s it his entire career. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    What kind of pro comes to camp out of shape. Wasted contract last year, will it be another waste this year and then magically he’s fully healthy for the contract year?

    Cut him

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