Deebo Samuel’s incentives are tied to rushing yards and rushing touchdowns

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As explained earlier in the day, the new contract signed by 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel includes no restrictions or limitations on how he’s used. The deal actually goes on step farther than that.

The $650,000 in annual incentives are based solely on rushing yards or touchdowns.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, Samuel gets $650,000 for each year in which he rushes for 380 yards. If he doesn’t get to 380 rushing yards but scores three rushing touchdowns, he gets $150,000 instead. But the cap on the total incentives each year is $650,000.

In other words, if he rushes for 380 yards and scores three rushing touchdowns, he still gets $650,000, not $650,000 plus $150,000.

Samuel can earn either incentive three times in the four years of the contract, capping the total incentives at $1.95 million.

Last season, Samuel rushed for 365 yards in the regular season, with eight rushing touchdowns. However, he didn’t begin to get significant carries until Week Nine.

6 responses to “Deebo Samuel’s incentives are tied to rushing yards and rushing touchdowns

  1. So, they tied incentives to things it was reported Deebo does not want to do. Interesting.

  2. I expect Shanny to use Samuel in his wide back role predominately in the redzone.

  3. Smart not to get receiving incentives. His agent knows Lance can’t throw a football to save his life.

  4. He’s playing with a QB that has not started game in almost 3 years. I would expect he hits his numbers pretty quickly.
    Not being critical of his ability, but reps are huge to young QB’s and he doesn’t have many.

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