Deshaun Watson suspended six games

Deshaun Watson Press Conference
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The long wait for word on Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s suspension came on Monday morning.

PFT has confirmed that Judge Sue L. Robinson has ruled that Watson be suspended six games for violating the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. Watson was accused of sexual misconduct and sued in civil court by more than 20 women who were hired to massage him while he was a member of the Texans ahead of this year’s trade to Cleveland.

No fine was issued as part of Robinson’s ruling.

The Browns play the Panthers, Jets, Steelers, Falcons, Chargers, and Patriots in their first six games of the season. Jacoby Brissett is expected to be the starting quarterback in Watson’s absence.

Watson has settled the cases with all but one of those women as of Monday morning, but the matter of his NFL suspension may not be a settled matter. Watson or the NFL could appeal the decision and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could hear any appeal. Goodell could impose a longer suspension if he does hear an appeal.

The NFLPA issued a statement on Sunday suggesting Watson will not appeal and calling for the league to take the same approach.

164 responses to “Deshaun Watson suspended six games

  1. 6 games for 26 accusations. She waited for him to settle all his cases so it wouldn’t look as bad but that didn’t even happen. The nfl is such a joke, like watching wrestling. Everything is pre determined.

  2. So weak. Goodell had better bump it to a year minimum. A quarter for every sexual assault…

  3. Basically 23 since he never played last year. Still, not nearly long enough especially since he got paid staying home last year.

  4. 6 games is a slap on the wrist. I would be surprised and disappointed if the NFL did not appeal and make it closer to a year suspension.

    I would love a Florio breakdown on how she came to 6 games. Even the “owners are held to a higher standard” argument doesn’t fly to me given he has about 100 accusers and therefore I dont think comps to the owners who has issues.

  5. Good. This took way, way, too long. Watson is incredibly fortunate with this decision and is smart to accept it. Roger’s on the clock!

  6. Time to move on…..let the suspension stand, don’t appeal and get ready for football games to begin.

  7. Snyder had double the amount of payoffs and got a grand total of 0 games suspended

  8. So Watson’s first game back as a Brown will land right in the middle of breast cancer awareness month, the time of year when teams and players drape themselves in pink merch to highlight just how important women’s issues are to the league. Oh the irony.

  9. 6 games for being a perverted sexual predator. Unacceptable! Shouldn’t be playing ever again.

  10. NFL is the one place where talent triumphs over character. Such a shame!! And we will have people rooting for this guy after 6 games

  11. Just a friendly reminder that Josh Gordon, who smoked a plant, was treated SIGNIFICANTLY more harshly with not a victim in sight.

  12. Judges mean nothing to Judge Dredd (Goodell). This is still a kangaroo court process (and I am not endorsing Watson’s actions). The NFL can appeal to the commissioner handpicked by the owners, and who is still judge, jury and executioner. Judge Robinson is a carny sideshow to distract the rubes (fans)

  13. Zeke was suspended for the same amount of time, which had zero proof or charges filed against him.. this league man..

  14. Your move, Roger. Let it die or make an example. Both have pros and cons for the NFL.

  15. I guess the Browns are relieved now. They can probably go 3-3 in those six games, looking at their schedule. It will be interesting to see if any fans protest the away games. My guess is this will be swept under the rug by next year – which is a travesty.

  16. I’m pretty stunned and disappointed. I think suspending him indefinitely and allowing him to apply for reinstatement after the season would have set a strong standard for the rest of the league…

  17. Please for the love of God let this finally be over now. I’m sick of hearing about it

  18. The fact that the judge is a woman and her name is Sue…. and only 6 games, this whole thing is so weird! The NFL deserves what it gets

  19. That’s so weak. That man deserves at least one season hopefully the NFL fixes this. And I still can’t believe Browns fans are celebrating this man after years of talking about Big Ben

  20. 6 games is a blessing to him. I guess being rich will always get you off the hook.

  21. Well, that’s 6 more games than Robert Kraft got… and he is supposed to be held to a higher standard.

  22. I was expecting between 6 and 8 games, based on the wording of the CBA.
    But no fine?

    I hope Goodell can “enhance” the overall punishment.

  23. If the NFL is truly concerned with their reputation they will appeal and hand down a longer suspension. Now as a fan I am very discouraged with the NFL not just for the Watson situation, but other things they have handled in the past. It looks like as a society we are losing our morals.

  24. 6 games is a joke. If the NFL doesn’t appeal this for a longer suspension, then we know they don’t care about sexual assault/crimes against women.

  25. What a joke and a gift to the Browns. I was expecting at least 8 and a fine of last year’s salary. That would be 16 + 8 games.

    I guess the spin is 16 games last year, and 6 this year.

    His agent sure played this wonderful, with 45 million banked, a low salary this year, got to save a year of wear and tear + get paid last year. HOF agenting of bad situation.

  26. It is always going to bother me that DeShaun Watson was considered as clean as Captain America before he asked out of Houston, a little too convenient that the barrage of accusations came out shortly after that. These men are owned by Billionaire and they are allowed to do what they want with their toys

  27. League (Goddell) will make it right. That is what Big Ben got and he had one accuser. The more I think I cannot be surprised by current state in this world the more I need to smack myself in the face and say wake up.

  28. Seems fair given transgressions by owners and front office personnel that goes unpunished.

  29. Should be at least a season. What reasoning is six games? 1 game per 6 women he abused?

  30. Absolute nonsense. The NFL should be embarrassed and everyone with a mother, wife & daughter should be outraged! The privilege of wealth & sporting culture – a pathetic cultural phenomenon.

  31. wow what a joke, so smoking weed, or betting gets you a longer suspension than sexually assaulting not 1 not 2 not 3 but 24 women. I hope women across America boycott the NFL.

  32. And the league will definitely appeal to itself and overrule the judges decision…

  33. Roped in by their own rhetoric. Once they committed to the idea of punishing owners for misconduct as or more severely than the owners, this was inevitable. If they had given him a year or more, than the next time and owner got caught doing something, the penalty would have to be worse. You think the owners would stand for that?

  34. So….Ben got suspended 4 games for one random accusation that never materialized. Hopkins gets 6 games for what was basically adderall. Then Watson gets 6 games with over twenty women accusing him?

    The NFL truly is a joke when it comes to consistency…

  35. The CBA calls for a 6 game suspension for a first offense does it not? Rules are rules until Goodell decides they’re not, so I expect an appeal and a year long suspension.

  36. Man, Deshaun got really lucky that there was no video tape, or else he might’ve really gotten in trouble! #ProtectTheShield

  37. starfan79 says:
    August 1, 2022 at 8:41 am

    Zeke was suspended for the same amount of time, which had zero proof or charges filed against him.. this league man..


    “zero proof or charges filed against him”. Exactly the same situation, same punishment. Point?

  38. The NFL needs to reconvene and REDUCE Calvin Ridley yearr long suspension ASAP. This gesture would REWRITE a WRONG and go a long way in the big picture.

  39. If this stands, I am DONE with the NFL. Forever. This is a sheer bovine scatology ruling. Anything less than a year is a slap in the face to the women. “Non-violent” sexual contact. ANY UNWANTED sexual contact IS VIOLENT. Also a slap in the face to previous playesr whose transgressions were far less, yet got the same penalty as Watson. Truth is Watson should never be allowed to play another game in the NFL after his behavior.

  40. So stupid just as others have mentioned above. But is the NFL also going to allow the Browns to skate unscathed after structuring his contract to have almost zero financial impact by the suspension?

    Six games, no fine, and no financial hit.


  41. What an awful message to the public, the players, and the owners. Basically, any “sexual” related offense is less important than PED or betting (length of suspension), or wearing the wrong shoes ($ fine). To the owners, it is clear that “settle and it will be swiped under the rug” works. Awful

  42. These guys get away with so much. As long as they have money and make money for other people, they will continue to get away with this stuff or at least get off easy. Sad.

  43. Unacceptable. What say YOU, Roger? Are you going to show women some respect and make this right?

  44. Like it or hate it the judge had to rule based on the CBA and the actual evidence against Watson. Since he was never actually found guilty of anything criminally, then there was no evidence to confirm that he abused the women. So It’s not surprising the sentence she came up with is so light.

  45. It should have been 0. He didn’t do anything wrong. Never indicted for a single crime.

  46. OK, just a question. How can you suspend a player for specifically 6 games when all of the reasons why the player is in a suspension situation are not completely finished or resolved? With my personal feelings aside, that he should be suspended indefinitely or no less than a year, you can’t suspended someone for something if it is still an ongoing thing. Supposedly Robinson is a retired judge, she should know this. Yeaaa!, looks like this is going to drag in to the regular season because there will be an appeal incoming for sure.

  47. Good thing he can only get a massage from the Browns now per the agreement. What an absolute joke and I did say it 3-4 months ago I guessed 6-8 games.

  48. slap on the wrist

    I hope Goodell has some fortitude and suspends him for a year at least.

  49. If the Commissioner doesn’t step in and fix this travesty with at least a one-year suspension, then I will be suspending my eyeballs and my wallet from any NFL-related things forever.

  50. I guess you have to kill someone to get a year long suspension in today’s NFL. Disgusting.

  51. The best look for the league would be an appeal by lunch hour. And and a a suspension for the whole year announced tomorrow or Weds.

  52. I`m too far down the rabbit hole to stop watching my favorite team on free TV but i will not spend another dime on a NFL product! I hate everything about the NFL except the games! Embarrassing!

  53. nhpats2011 says:
    August 1, 2022 at 8:43 am
    Same as Ben

    Not the same, Roethlisberger was suspended for four games. He was also suspended under a different personal conduct policy.

  54. DeAndre Hopkins suspended six games for PED violation,, Watson gets same suspension for 24 sexual assault allegations. Makes no sense !

  55. ocdn says:
    August 1, 2022 at 9:23 am
    NFL….Nice to Felons League


    Watson was not accused of any felonies

  56. I called this on this site over a month ago. He sat out 17 games last year, so no way was he going to get 8 games or more. I know this is a pro owner crowd, but that decision is fair and equitable. He may appeal and get four, as I would. Now let him get on with his career.

  57. I love the dummies who keep saying sexual assault like that’s going to make it true. He was never accused of sexual assault, and you all who keep repeating this know this. The whole thing was nonsense, and he shouldn’t have gotten anything.

  58. Deshaun went through the legal (twice), civil, and NFL process for these accusations. The people who know the facts have made their decisions. The rest of the world just needs to put their pitchforks down and accept it.

  59. When Adam “Pacman” Jones was suspended for a year and Chris Henry was suspended for 8 games on the same day, this was what Roger Godell had to say:

    “We must protect the integrity of the NFL,” Goodell said in a statement. “The highest standards of conduct must be met by everyone in the NFL because it is a privilege to represent the NFL, not a right.

    “These players, and all members of our league, have to make the right choices and decisions in their conduct on a consistent basis.”

    So NFL, what changed since 2007?

  60. rekroot says:
    August 1, 2022 at 9:05 am
    So sexual assault and Ped’s carry the same suspension.
    When did the sexual assault claim come about? Get your facts straight. Deshaun was never accused of sexual assault.

  61. I remember when they appointed Rodger as commissioner many many years ago because they felt Paul T was too light on discipline. It’s really kind of funny and sad on how that worked out.

  62. This is a travesty. The NFL is so haphazard with their suspicions. I’m no Tom Brady fan, but he got four for deflating footballs (or requesting they be deflated,, or maybe nothing at all). Only six games for over TWO DOZEN charges of sexual assault?! SIX?!! Given this, people like Kamara should have to stand in a corner for an hour. It’s sad that our world has come to this, where talent outweighs any sense of decency.

  63. Hey, NFL. Things like this are why you are losing NFL fans. Good thing he wasn’t convicted of murder, the NFL would have had to suspend him 8 games then. What a Joke.

  64. You might not like the facts, but the fact is he was never convicted of a crime. If he was charged and convicted of just one allegation, that would be justification for a year long suspension for me.

  65. To the people that are outraged and DONE with the NFL…..we won’t miss you…or your comments.

  66. mysterytonite says:
    August 1, 2022 at 8:30 am
    6 games for 26 accusations.

    Get your facts right. The NFL only presented 5 cases and one of those was dropped so she ruled on the 4 cases presented to her not 26.

  67. Lot of commenters on here questioning the judgment of a FEMALE federal judge – who, unlike anyone on this site, has actually seen the evidence and heard from the accusers.

  68. And for those looking for Roger to do anything? Guess what, he got what he wants, people talking about the nfl until week one. How many of ya’ll aren’t gonna watch any games because of this? I have a pretty good idea less than 3%. You don’t matter! None of us do. Millions upon millions are going to watch and buy stuff. And the stuff includes Watson jerseys.

  69. bradygirl12 says:
    August 1, 2022 at 9:16 am
    Unacceptable. What say YOU, Roger? Are you going to show women some respect and make this right?

    Based on what? What’s he gonna do? NOTHING. The NFL presented 5 cases to her not 26! One was thrown out. The others had no credence. No evidence, nothing! I believe the guy is a scumbag. Just like I believe “a few” of these women are money grabbers, but with no evidence there could be 2,357 of them… doesn’t matter if there is no proof.

  70. captainstabbins says:
    August 1, 2022 at 10:10 am

    Thank god he didn’t bet on any games….


    Truly amazing how most people don’t understand the difference with these cases, and how one of them has a MUCH MORE DETRIMENTAL effect on the league than the other.

  71. novelist says:
    August 1, 2022 at 9:53 am
    This is a travesty. The NFL is so haphazard with their suspicions. I’m no Tom Brady fan, but he got four for deflating footballs (or requesting they be deflated,, or maybe nothing at all). Only six games for over TWO DOZEN charges of sexual assault


    Get up to speed here. He was never accused of any kind of assault

  72. Correct me if I’m wrong. No criminal conduct and the women accepted $ for Watson’s indiscretions. Watson has paid dearly in civil penalties. Enough is enough.

  73. Those first several interviews are gonna be interesting to hear, finally Watson will be stuck in front of a camera.

    Crazy to think THIS guy is your highest paid player and leader of your team at QB. What a giant swing and miss publicly

  74. Calvin ridley should be up in arms. This goes to show youthe NFL only cares about money. Ridley messed when their money and they came after him. Where as, the NFL wants Watson QB’ing for the Browns, hence the weak punishment.

  75. Since the league set the bar so low that means Kamara will only get a one game pre-season suspension!

  76. This was known all along, even the Brownies are not so stupid as to not sign a interim starter. Public has been played by the NFL once again.

  77. Roethlisberger ended up serving 4 games for two “settled” cases. So, two games per settled case. That puts Watson at… 48 games, minimum. This is a joke.

  78. 24+ cases with evidence involving actual women – 6 games
    Deflategate conspiracy with no hard proof relating to game – 4 games

    What an insult !! Not even comparable !!!

  79. roop724 says:
    August 1, 2022 at 9:19 am

    It should have been 0. He didn’t do anything wrong. Never indicted for a single crime.

    Do you really think you have to be indicted of a crime to be SUSPENDED from your job?
    The legal part has nothing to do with a work suspension.
    If you want to believe a professional athlete with his resources booked 66 messages in 17 months off instagram because of the quality of their messages go ahead. claim he said vs 30 she said if you want but i`m not going to be that naive just because a guy can play football.

  80. The judge probably counted last years “leave” time as part of the suspension.

  81. I can’t believe all of the people poking at the NFL. IF the NFL had it their way, he would have been suspended for a year and a half. You gotta blame the NFLPA, and I hate to point at the women involved, but if they’re not going to testify because they’ve settled out of court, you don’t have much to go on.

    And for the whiners about Tom Brady. He got 4 games suspended because he cheated. Just like a first time steroid user – 4 games suspension…for cheating.


  82. Nailed it! Down to 4 soon

    Boy, I am good.

    I can predict every Goodell move. They will use the time served as the excuse.

  83. Is there any other sports league in the world that takes a beating like the NFL for player’s actions away from the field of competition?

    If I had it my way, Watson would have been suspended for 3 seasons. And I’m pretty sure the NFL would have had it that way too.

    They hate this kind of attention.

  84. I think it came down to this; Do you want womens groups protesting you or do you want another group protesting you? You want to go to war with Gloria Allred or Stephen A Smith?

  85. So Watson got a punishment of:

    1. 6 game suspension

    2. 345k in forfeited salary

    3. A 10 million dollar years paid vacation

    4. 230 million dollar guaranteed contract

    Makes total sense

  86. patsfan4lifedynasty says:

    August 1, 2022 at 11:23 am

    The Browns won
    Now there’s a phrase you don’t see too often.

  87. Is this justice for the women involved??? I seriously doubt that. Six games is a travesty of justice and a slap in the face.

  88. Unacceptable! NFL needs to do better. NFL showing the only equality, diversity, and inclusion they have in their organization is the predators, criminals, drug abusers, and repeat offenders they employ. They have no morality or justice. They do not care about people, only their bottom line.
    Sick and pathetic. DO BETTER NFL!!!

  89. Watson settled 23 civil suits. Brady was suspended 4 games with no proof of anything when all was said and done (other than cold weather lowers the PSI of inflated things). The actual policy is personal conduct. 23 cases that he had to settle didn’t provide the NFL with anything? I mean, if you punish Brady 4 games on personal conduct with no proof of any poor conduct, don’t 23 cases involving at best suspicious personal conduct (and at worst criminal personal conduct) merit a bit more than 6 games then? It’s laughable.

  90. I think when the NFL appeals, the final decision should be to add a $10 million fine. That makes last year’s 17 games missed into an unpaid suspension and the total suspension is 23 games. Everyone happy with that?

  91. Why is everyone so up in arms over this? It’s very simple. The judge in this case (a female) weighed all of the evidence and determined this is the correct punishment.

  92. The only principle is money. It’s beaten everything else. Morality, dignity, honor, justice, ideals, none of it matters. It’s just money. Greed.

    What’s left to care about with this league? It’s just money now.

  93. danceformemarionetteboy says:
    August 1, 2022 at 12:47 pm
    Isn’t this what Rothlisberger got after ONE allegation


    Are you comparing what Watson did to what Ben did?

  94. Remember when Matt Prater got suspended for 3 games for drinking beer at home … seriously its true.

  95. Browns ownership needs to pay too. At least a first rounder. Preferably a whole draft.

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