DirecTV is close to doing a deal with Amazon for Thursday Night Football

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This year, Thursday Night Football becomes a streaming-only property. And that’s bad news for those who don’t get their content from streaming platforms.

Enter DirecTV. The outgoing Sunday Ticket provider is close to a deal with Amazon to distribute TNF to restaurants and bars, according to John Ourand of Sports Business Journal.

Ourand reports that nothing has been signed, yet.

Some would say that bars and restaurants should simply upgrade their technical capabilities. That’s easier said than done. It’s expected that DirecTV will secure the ability to beam Sunday Ticket to bars and restaurants in 2023, when DirecTV loses the package to a streaming platform, such as Apple.

Potentially lost in the cracks will be rural customers and others who don’t have access to suitable high-speed Internet access. Hopefully, they won’t be forgotten as the NFL fully pivots to streaming.

Meanwhile, plenty of football fans have yet to realize that this year’s Thursday night games won’t be available on a three-letter network. Once they figure that out, there will be plenty of disgruntled viewers.

13 responses to “DirecTV is close to doing a deal with Amazon for Thursday Night Football

  1. Why? Get away from them all together. The should have never had the Sunday Ticket to begin with. Keep Direct TV away from anything sports related.

  2. If DirectTV has anything to do with the NFL, I’m not paying for it or watching it. They extorted way to much money for Sunday Ticket and zero customer service… never again!!!

  3. Big mish-mosh of crap this is! The league is a bunch of money grubbing idiots as typical of todays attitude. So I’ve got Direct because they’ve got the ticket this upcoming season. I’ve had it for free 2 of the last 3 yrs. Had to threaten to cancel to get it free last season. I’ve got Amazon prime so I’ll be able to get the Thursday game but will I have to pay extra? What will all this mean to the major networks ? Will over the air go bye bye?

  4. Actually, it would not be difficult at all for restaurants. Just plug Roku Sticks into all of the TVs and lose the old boxes and wires. I do this on 7 TVs in my mancave without any issues. It’s great being able to put a TV anywhere without having to think about running cables. This would also be a huge cut in costs as they wouldn’t need to be paying for all of those antiquated boxes anymore. As long as they have access to high speed internet there should be no issue. Wired TV is a dinosaur and will be extinct soon, as will DirecTV.

  5. In addition to missing TNF, those rural cavemen are also missing out on Uber Eats what with the invention of fire and the wheel.

  6. Amazon has the inside track because people like them more than the other companies, and the NFL is probably conscious of that. People get their goodies from Amazon. Apple and Google are polarizing, and people are sick of DirecTV. The NFL should run its own streaming service. AND SELL A 1 TEAM PACKAGE. That’s all most people want.

  7. The way it feel like right now, there are going to be a whole heck of a lot of surprised and angry people out there.

  8. I live in Saskatoon Canada. Nobody cares about Canadian viewers till like 2027, we get Dazn/NFL packages way cheaper than in USA. The place I work in is a private golf&country club. No F’n way we could accommodate streaming service for the 20 or 30 tvs they have out there. It would cost a lot of money.

  9. Might as well get use to it. In the the near future every game will be via streaming only.

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