Discipline officer requires Deshaun Watson to get massages from Browns’ staff only

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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The six-game suspension handed to Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson includes an apparently unprecedented condition: Watson can only get massages from therapists on the Browns’ staff.

That mandate from Judge Sue L. Robinson means that Watson can’t hire his own therapists, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network. Watson is accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with female massage therapists he hired.

All kinds of questions will come from this particular part of Robinson’s decision. The first is whether the discipline officer even has the authority to make such a ruling. Restricting a player from getting the treatment for an injury that he thinks is best is far beyond the typical scope of player discipline, which typically is limited to fines and suspensions.

It’s also hard to understand how such a ruling would be enforced. If Watson pulls a hamstring while working out on his own and asks his personal trainer to massage it, how would the NFL know about it, and what would the NFL do about it?

Robinson clearly wants to warn Watson not to get himself into the same kid of trouble that caused his six-game suspension. A suspension alone should have been enough to send that message.

22 responses to “Discipline officer requires Deshaun Watson to get massages from Browns’ staff only

  1. It’s easy to enforce by the NFL. They point to the ruling and say this falls under the PCP and any violation will result in a 2nd suspension for whatever the 2nd length is. She’s not likely to rule that she can’t enforce a policy that she created when she hears the appeal for it.

  2. This rule alone should tell everyone what a creep Watson is. Feel sorry for the massage team, yikes!

  3. Hard to believe this is real. Not enough time for this creep. I just might not watch or follow the NFL anymore which would really be hard for me since I’ve been a fanatic for almost 50 years.

  4. If you’ve done something that warrants you not being allowed to get massages away from the team, you’ve probably done something that warrants more than a six game suspension

  5. All the people saying they’re not watching another NFL game anymore — yet they’ll all be commenting on here all season long.

  6. Regardless of how one feels about the decision, can people please refrain from saying that they are not watching again because of it. Every time something remotely controversial occurs we get people claiming that they are going to boycott, yet not a single person ever has or will. It’s tiresome.

  7. This stipulation confirms Watson crossed the line and she’s concerned he may repeat. But if you are concerned about a repeat offender then isn’t a stronger punishment warranted?

  8. dryzzt23 says:
    August 1, 2022 at 9:38 am
    Blame the NFLPA for this. THEY were the ones that defended this perv.

    How many times does it have to explained that the NFLPA is LEGALLY OBLIGATED to represent it’s members.

  9. riggedkangaroocourt says:
    August 1, 2022 at 9:00 am

    What a sad ending



  10. Why is it almost always the Browns are the problem. Says something, doesn’t it. This guy will mess up again. Browns always do. #slippinjimmy

  11. Just embarrassing. The guy should be in jail for committing 24 felonies.

    These are FELONIEs, not misdemeanors.

  12. Are the Browns massage therapy team are all men? If not make sure there is a witness or recordings for all therapy required by this creep.

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