Eagles’ hurdler Devon Allen says he’ll race teammates, many of whom think they’re faster

NFL: JUL 29 Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp
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Devon Allen is in his first NFL training camp after spending the last five years focusing exclusively on track and field, coming in fourth in the 110-meter hurdles at last year’s Olympics and running the third-fastest time in history in June. That resume might make it seem like Allen would be the fastest player on the team.

But plenty of teammates think they’re faster. In fact, Allen said fellow receivers A.J. Brown, DeVonta Smith, Quez Watkins and Jalen Reagor have all said they want to challenge him to a race, and Allen is up for it.

“We’ll probably get [a race in] here sometime during camp,” Allen said, via Martin Frank of the Delaware News Journal. “I just don’t want to do it too early, mess around and get hurt, and then I won’t be able to practice. That’d be bad. I gotta make sure I take care of myself, number one, and focus on what I’m doing on the field. And then we can have fun.”

Allen will be a heavy favorite in that race, which will likely be a lot more fun for him than for the players who think they can beat a track star.

3 responses to “Eagles’ hurdler Devon Allen says he’ll race teammates, many of whom think they’re faster

  1. Those fellas are certainly quick but Devon is fast. As in world class, Olympic level fast. Others might- might- get him over a short burst but I’ll take Devon over any NFL player at any distance over 60 meters.

  2. $11 all the receivers drop also bc we have RB1 throwing the football. And I should have said the word throwing in quotation marks.

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