Ex-Lion Tyrell Crosby blasts team for handling of his injuries

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Former Lions offensive tackle Tyrell Crosby spent all of last season on injured reserve, and he’s now a free agent. As he considers whether he has an NFL future, he’s not happy with how the only team he played for treated him.

Crosby told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press that he feels betrayed by how the Lions treated him last year, when he suffered what was originally called a hamstring strain in training camp, then played only briefly in the preseason, ended up on injured reserve for the entire regular season, and then had back surgery in December for what he called a misdiagnosed injury.

Crosby now says Lions coaches berated him for missing practice time, accused him of not wanting to compete, and treated him like a piece of meat. Still recovering from back surgery, Crosby says he isn’t sure if he’ll play in the NFL again, but wouldn’t want to play for the Lions now that he knows how they treat their players.

Asked about Crosby’s comments this morning, Lions head coach Dan Campbell said he didn’t see any need to address the issue with his players because they know they can talk to him directly if they have an issue. Even if that’s not how Crosby sees it.

8 responses to “Ex-Lion Tyrell Crosby blasts team for handling of his injuries

  1. I’m willing to accept the NFL, at the end of the day, is a ruthless business. I’m even willing to accept that early on there were some issues in the current Lions regime (they did fire their head trainer last season with not much comment). However, I’m also of the opinion that Mr. Crosby is a bit of a complainer and not in the mold that Holmes and Campbell are looking for on their roster. So, let the summer news cycle run its course, then let’s get back to the business of improving the team.

  2. Sounds like a bitter, scrub player who’s blaming others for their inability to perform at the next level.

  3. So Crosby just finished a 3 months off/paid vacation – then OTAs start up in April and he some how gets home sick and out of the blue packs up his teddybear and goes back home to mama without telling anyone on the team. Didn’t say anything to the coaches, front office or his teammates. He just packs up and splits. I don’t know what world he thinks he’s living in – but when you’re making $2,183,000 dollars in 2021, you damn well better let your employer know when you plan to just extend your 3 month vacation and run home to mommy. So the Lions gave him a hard time for taking an unplanned and unapproved vacation…too darn bad. The coaches and FO were right in making an example out of him. That type of behavior is exactly what the Lions are flushing down the toilet. I say good riddance to Crosby. We won’t tolerate that type of player here in Detroit any longer!

  4. Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford….the list of great players who’s careers were held back by this organization is just sad. Think about it, Sanders and Johnson still made the HOF, despite zero post season success and short careers. They both simply retired rather than keep playing for them. Then look at what Stafford did immediately following his trade.

    Following their 1957 championship win, the Lions have only won ONE playoff game. How do they still have a fan base?

  5. Say what you want about Campbell, but he is kind of a hardcore old school guy — this isn’t particularly surprising.

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