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49ers receiver Deebo Samuel, who not long ago wanted out of San Francisco, is staying put. He has a three-year extension, which he has officially signed.

Here are the full details, from a source with knowledge of the terms:

1. Signing bonus: $24.035 million.

2. 2022 base salary: $965,000, fully guaranteed at signing.

3. 2023 option bonus: $9.215 million, fully guaranteed at signing.

4. 2023 offseason workout bonus: $200,000, fully guaranteed three days after signing.

5. 2023 base salary: $1.080 million, fully guaranteed at signing.

6. 2023 per-game roster bonuses: $750,000, fully guaranteed three days after signing.

7. 2024 offseason workout bonus: $200,000, fully guaranteed three days after signing.

8. 2024 base salary: $20.972 million, guaranteed for injury at signing. Of that amount, $4.555 million is fully guaranteed at signing; the balance becomes fully guaranteed on April 1, 2023.

9. 2024 per-game roster bonuses: $750,000, guaranteed for injury at signing, fully guaranteed as of April 1, 2023.

10. 2025 offseason workout bonus: $200,000.

11. 2025 base salary: $16.601 million.

12. 2025 per-game roster bonuses: $750,000.

It’s a $71.55 million extension, with a maximum value of $73.5 million. Of that amount, $41 million is fully guaranteed at signing. By April 1, 2023, $58.167 million will be fully guaranteed.

The deal includes annual incentives of $650,000; we’ve yet to see the triggers.

Samuel was due to make $4.2 million this year. Unless they cut him after one season, he’ll make the full $58.167 million.

The four-year deal means that he’ll be 29 when he has one year left on the contract. Without an extension, Samuel will be 30 when he becomes a free agent.

Also, the contract includes no restrictions or limitations on how he’s used. As it was explained to PFT, Samuel will do whatever he’s asked to do, like any other player on the team.

8 responses to “Inside the Deebo Samuel deal

  1. Instead of doing the respect dance and saying how you want out why don’t players just admit it’s all about the money? It’s not a disgrace. And we all know it’s true anyway.

  2. Deebo’s agent should have gotten more money than DK just signed for, because Deebo has produced more on the field, and he is the latest WR to sign… The half a mill less than DK got is a smack in the face to Deebo in that same division. If i was an NFL player, i would make sure that i had a different agent than Deebo.

  3. They need to be careful how they use him. They wrapped a lot of money into him and he is more than just a receiver. They use him like a RB a fair amount and that is a high injury position. Which is why its hard for RBs to get guaranteed money due to higher risk for injury.

  4. Correction Rockpiler –
    Here are career stats:
    Deebo (2,598 yds), 10TD’s. Rushing (550 yds) 11 TD’s: 21 TD’s combined
    DK: (3,170 yds), 29 TD’s – receiving only. No rush TD’s

  5. So much for the narrative around him not wanting to be used as a
    “wide back”.

    People sure like to make up a lot of stuff in the off-season.

  6. He isn’t as unique as some want to think. Over paying a bit but they have that luxury with Lance on a rookie contract. People thinking he should get extra money for taking hand offs need to check the market for RBs, it isn’t that lucrative.

  7. I’d rather have DK than Deebo. But Kyler doesnt deserve to be the 2nd highest paid qb just like Deebo deserves to be paid more than the last guy up. His agent only getting him a max of $650k/year more if he rushes for +380 yards is a lowball number that shouldve been higher. Agent dropped the bag for his client on this one

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