Report: Bears have had trade talks about Teven Jenkins

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The Bears have made a change at head coach and General Manager since the end of last season and they’re reportedly considering trading away one of the last players acquired by the previous regime.

NFL Media reports that the team has received calls about trading tackle Teven Jenkins and that they have engaged in talks about a potential deal.

Jenkins was a second-round pick last year and was ticketed for left tackle, but back surgery forced him to miss the first months of his NFL career. He returned to make a pair of starts, but 2022 fifth-round pick Braxton Jones played ahead of him this spring and the Bears recently signed Riley Reiff to give them another option along with Jones and Larry Borom at the two tackle spots.

Those decisions show the Bears have cooled on Jenkins’ potential and that could lead to him finding a new place to play before the 2022 season gets underway.

8 responses to “Report: Bears have had trade talks about Teven Jenkins

  1. Less than ideal. If the team lacks any confidence of being able to develop him, their depth is even thinner than I feared.

  2. That’s more than a bit left field. It’s not as though Da Bears can afford to trade away talent. Trade him for what and to get what???

  3. Getting anything for him right now would be amazing. He’s not even playing backup right now. Yet another Pace “gem”

  4. Wow that’s a quick plug pull. Brutal.

    Tough to think he has anything to offer if a team is willing to give up on you so quickly.

  5. Same old Bears…trade up to get him and then trade him for a 2025 7th round pick when he fails.

  6. I think if they’re so willing to trade him, they’re showing that they’re not as concerned about their depth.

  7. The old regime traded up to draft him! What can they get now in trade? Maybe a provisional 5th or 6th?

  8. I find it hard to believe the Bears are going to trade this kid . Why is what I want to know. What is the problem with him? Is he not tough enough? Is he not smart enough? So please let us know what is the problem. The kid is a huge man that must have some talent.

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