Three more Deshaun Watson lawsuits settle, leaving only one active case

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has now settled all but one of the lawsuits brought against him by female massage therapists who say he engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct during therapy sessions.

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee, who represented two dozen women who sued Watson, told John Barr of ESPN that three of the remaining four active lawsuits against Watson have been settled.

Among those settling is Ashley Solis, the first massage therapist to sue Watson and the first to tell her story publicly.

Buzbee has not said who the one remaining plaintiff is, or what the status is with that case.

Watson is expected to learn today what if any league discipline he will face for the allegations that he engaged in sexual misconduct. If the suspension falls short of the league’s request, the league can appeal, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decides the appeal.

12 responses to “Three more Deshaun Watson lawsuits settle, leaving only one active case

  1. Settlements do NOT change what Watson did nor does it repair the PR damage that Watson did to the Texans, the Browns, and the NFL. Watson should be punished extremely harshly, otherwise Watson WILL do visit Cleveland massage parlors and do what he did before. Watson will know that the NFLPA and the media will defend him, so he will offend again.

  2. Everybody but Watson’s attorney knew this would be the result a year ago. Choose your attorney wisely people!

  3. The way the world works these days is ,the accused has not been charged with any crime under our legal system yet has to pay off the person accusing ,right ? I’m not saying what he did was right but unless they went to the police it seems like they just want $$$$$. Well they got…

  4. We will see if Roger Goodell holds true to his past or this will be the norm now going forward. There should be a clause that says if you do this again it will be a lifetime ban. Simply because to many children lookup to the guys.

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