Jacoby Brissett: Stepping in as starter nothing I’m unfamiliar with

Cleveland Browns Mandatory Minicamp
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When the Browns signed Jacoby Brissett as a free agent this offseason, they knew there was a chance that they’d need to deploy him as their starting quarterback in the event of a Deshaun Watson suspension this season.

Brissett’s history was likely attractive to the Browns. He stepped in to start for the Patriots when Jimmy Garoppolo was injured during Tom Brady‘s Deflategate suspension in 2016 and he replaced Andrew Luck after he shocked the Colts by announcing his retirement before the 2019 season. He also started in place of an injured Tua Tagovailoa last year, so he’s no stranger to being thrust into action on a moment’s notice.

The Browns and the rest of the NFL learned on Monday that Watson is facing a six-game suspension. That could change in the event of an appeal by the NFL, .

“It’s been my situation throughout my career,” Brissett said, via Jake Trotter of ESPN.com. “Nothing that I’m unfamiliar with. Always been ready to go, whenever my number’s called and that’s the case at this point now. . . . Since I’ve been in this league, it’s been the next man up. So that experience obviously helps with not only the playing, but also like the mindset of understanding — you gotta be ready whenever your number is called.”

With the ruling in, the Browns will have to come up with ways of preparing Watson and Brissett for the coming season over the remainder of training camp. Brissett said he’s confident the team will do that “the right way” before he faces off with former Brown Baker Mayfield and the Panthers on September 11.

11 responses to “Jacoby Brissett: Stepping in as starter nothing I’m unfamiliar with

  1. Watched every Colts home game in person that he played. Can’t throw the deep ball.

  2. “It’s been my situation throughout my career, unfortunately I am bad at it” Brissett said.

    Brissett simply doesn’t win enough games as a starter.

  3. I hope lightening strikes and he blows the doors off so much so that they have to think long and hard about going to Deshawn. I can dream…

  4. Winning is nothing he is familiar with. He looks high during every game. Has he ever been drug tested? Complete disaster on the Colts.

  5. Well, unless something catastrophic happens, Baker is going to get some payback with his old team. It will be the Browns is the Browns.

  6. Jalopy Briskette may not be new to starting, but winning is new to him. He’ll just be another Typhoid Taylor – not sure why he keeps getting chances to play when he’s not very good.

  7. Brissett will do just fine. Browns should be 3-3 after the 1st 6 games

  8. Jacoby is a pretty good backup and we have studs in the backfield…run it down their throats and will be fine

  9. Good at throwing ground doubles, ask Will Fuller V how he broke his fingers last year trying to catch a Brisket ball.

  10. just1an2average3sports4fan says:
    August 2, 2022 at 3:01 pm
    Watched every Colts home game in person that he played. Can’t throw the deep ball.


    Won’t need to (Chubb, Hunt, Jackson, Njoku etc…)

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