Kenny Golladay: Last year was disappointing, I’m in a good spot now

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The list of Giants players who are looking for better results in 2022 is a very long one and wide receiver Kenny Golladay is somewhere near the top.

Golladay signed a four-year, $72 million contract with the Giants as a free agent last year, but fell well short of expectations by recording 37 catches, 521 yards, and zero touchdowns in his 14 appearances. That makes it little surprise that Golladay doesn’t want to do anything more than acknowledge how wrong things went last year.

“It was disappointing, but a lot played a role in that,” Golladay said, via Ryan Dunleavy of the New York Post. “Every offense wants to get off to a fast start, but to be honest we haven’t even been talking about last year.”

Golladay said he doesn’t think the size of his contract put too much pressure on his shoulders and said he feels like he’s in a “good spot” with new head coach Brian Daboll running the show. Golladay said Daboll’s offense “gives you a lot of freedom” and that “this year is a little bit better as far as just the training staff, strength staff and then coaching staff taking care of our bodies.”

The Giants will be hoping those changes lead to the kind of production they thought they’d be getting from Golladay a year ago.

8 responses to “Kenny Golladay: Last year was disappointing, I’m in a good spot now

  1. Being a member of the current Giants and being in a “good spot” is a contradiction. As a Giants fan I see 2022 as another lost season. 2023 is the year where the Giants MIGHT start becoming respectable again. More than likely though it will be 2024.There are likely less than 15 current Giants who will even be Giants the next time they make the playoffs.

  2. Here’s the thing with Golladay. He gets little to no separation from DBs but is good at catching contested throws. In Detroit Golladay had Stafford who could put the ball in a tight window for him to make the catch even with tight coverage from the DBs. Jones is no where near as accurate as Stafford so Golladay will struggle to put up numbers like he did in Detroit as long as Jones is the QB.

  3. He was given a monster contract but has yet to live up to it. Last year as a Giant

  4. Gettlemans mistakes will take a couple of years to cleanup, similar to the Jets after Mike maccagnan

  5. He was really overpaid at the time. But after seeing what receivers like Kirk are getting, it might be a bargain.

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