Leonard Fournette on his offseason weight gain: I got big genes

NFL: AUG 02 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp
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Buccaneers coaches reportedly were not happy with running back Leonard Fournette getting out of shape in the offseason when he tipped the scales at 260 pounds. But Fournette reported to training camp at 245.

That’s still over his listed weight of 228 but closer.

Fournette addressed his weight gain during an appearance on NFL Network on Tuesday.

“It don’t matter to me, because I know who I am,” Fournette said of chatter about his weight gain. “I know that I can always get in shape. People don’t understand. As a running back, you have to recover. You’ve got to train, and then we have kids. I try to fit all that in the time I have to train, too. So, yeah, I mean I got big genes, so it is what it is.”

NFL Network apparently didn’t ask what he weighs now, but he should have dropped some more weight after a week in camp.

Fournette’s trainer has admitted Fournette used time in a sauna to melt off the weight before reporting to camp, which is not a recommended weight loss method.

13 responses to “Leonard Fournette on his offseason weight gain: I got big genes

  1. Dude is going to balloon up to well over 300 pounds when his career is over. He’ll still be eating unhealthy but won’t have the incentive to lose weight and stay in shape.

  2. When he misses the hole, you’ll know he’s too heavy. Because the holes are small and they don’t stay open too long at the NFL level.

  3. If you want to get paid millions then keep your weight down, with the help of a trainer.

    If you can’t manage that I question your commitment to a team.

  4. “I know that I can always get in shape…” Until you can’t…older you get the harder it is to drop the lbs.

  5. “Recover, train, & have kids”.
    A lot of people have been doing it all wrong.

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